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True or False? You can dress up a tool watch, but you can’t dress down a dress watch.

We have so many examples of a tool watch working in dressy settings. I have come across basically no examples of dress watches working the opposite way. Even suggestions on forums (like a GS quartz on...
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On the wrist comparison: JLC vs Longines

Recently I had a chance to try on a Polaris. I was interested because they hover near Rolex for the submariner, and represent a “High Horology” brand....

Cartier Santos Skeleton

On a work trip with a conference venue next to a Cartier showroom, I was able to try on a watch I never thought I would even see in the metal. One of...

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commented on Mr.Santana's WRUW ·

Always so great to see bronze watches with the patina

commented on Seeking suggestion. ·

Thats a great suggestion

commented on Finally pulled the collection together ·

Some great picks! Would be great to see you rank them

commented on Just got my first chrono ·

Classic stylings here nicely done

commented on Which car brand is Patek most like? ·

nailed it

commented on Interview with lead 12 X designer *I NEED YOU* ·

Did you consider using the skeletonization as indices, like the Cartier Santos? Can you help me understand the value difference between the TwelveX and a Rado True Square?

commented on Thoughts on Formex? ·

The watch podcasts that talk about Formex are very positive. They seem high value for price from those interviews, with components used by higher priced brands. For me something isn’t there in the design DNA, like RZE, just not for me.

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Second Mechanical Watch?

I have been enjoying the world of watches for about 8 months. Enjoying my Seiko 5, but also considering a level up purchase. I have been narrowing thi...

Seiko 5 from eBay for 35$ CAD

Had been browsing the pdf catalogs of Seiko and ended up looking on eBay. Couldn’t find this model, but at the price thought “why not”. Assumed franke...


Recently got to handle this Farer watch. Having looked at this one online I noticed there is relatively little review content. Looks big, wears small...

Simple Green G Shock Clean Up

@Dsoeer Thanks for the recommendation using Simple Green worked well, no issues with printed portions and cleaned up most of the discoloured parts. Th...

Cleaning a soft G shock strap?

My wife has a Gshock GMA-B800, and unlike the painted surface of most Gshocks, it has a vinyl eraser feel. Does anyone have any experience or recommen...