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No date Spirit Titanium? Since when?

As I shmooze thru the internet this morning, doing some digital window shopping, I decide to jump on over to exquisite timepieces website & see wh...

The new Ellum from Jack Mason

Don’t want to steal the spot light from @TimeToDesign but I’m looking forward to seeing more of these. Just released today.

38mm all bronze ORIS diver 65

I've seen a few posts already about Oris' fancy new Propilot X but as I jumped on their website today, I noticed another release as well. We now have...

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commented on Uncle Seiko Bracelet Options Advice ·

Try code "WISDEAL" for 10% off.

commented on Uncle Seiko Bracelet Options Advice ·

I was pleasantly surprised how well the steel texture/color/ brushing matches my SPB147. Never looks awkward or out of place. The fit is very good as well.

commented on Calling all 6.5 inch wrist WCers....what is a better watch strap size for us 105mm/70mm or 115mm/75mm ·

Good to know, maybe I should hold back on that purchase myself.

commented on Naked G-Shock ·

I switched my computer location to the UK & surprisingly found some being sold on Amazon. They may be your best bet if you're trying to avoid Ebay/ after-markets parts.

commented on Help!! ·

Strapcode offers some for the Turtle & SKX. I think Citizen do some as well but are specific for only some of their models. It may depend on what watch model you're looking for.

commented on Calling all 6.5 inch wrist WCers....what is a better watch strap size for us 105mm/70mm or 115mm/75mm ·

I would try the 105/70 combo. I'm also about to pull trigger on a strap of that dimension & I'm at about 6.75in for wrist size. Most of my straps are around 120/75 & there has always been a fair bit of "tail" left over. Taking 5mm off wont make much of a difference so I think the smaller combo may be the better choice.

commented on My collection ·

Very nice. Any ideas on what you are looking to add next?

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Finally on the bracelet

Been wanting to put my Propilot on a bracelet for a while now. Came across one on eBay the other day that was basically new (Previous owner decided it...

Certina joins the integrated trend

Well, if you like the PRX but not the angular case design it seems that Certina has an option for you. All are offered with a Powermatic 80 movement &...

Oris Propilot bracelet question

I’ve been considering getting a bracelet for my Oris big crown propilot. I’ve contacted Oris directly to confirm if any half links come with the brace...

Checked out some watches today in Dallas at Jack Mason

With a whopping 6 or 7 people showing interest in the post @TimeToDesign had made sometime ago for a watch meet up/ vendor display in Dallas, I expect...

New SSK17 (Yellow) & SSK019 (Grey)

Sorry if this has been covered but just came across these new dial options for the Seiko GMT models & thought to share. Charcoal grey dial has a r...

An unexpected find

Out of boredom yesterday I decided to visit a store in my area that some may or may not be familiar with depending on where you live (In the states)....