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Farer US owners - import duties/taxes?

How much did you guys have to pay for import duty/taxes on your Farer? Farer said in an email that they cover duties but I wanted to get confirmation...

What watch are you wearing for New Year's Eve?

Simple question, let me know in the comments. Will it be just whatever you happen to be wearing that day? Are you doing something that dictates which...

Farer Lander IV GMT

I don't know anything about these, but I think they look very nice indeed. It's great to see some watches with a bit of colour to them again instead o...

Farer is on fire.

Holy Moly. This LE of 50 pieces is stunning. There are only a few left; if you want one, 995 USD, and it's yours. Cheers- Charker

Another Hunt Concluded: First Microbrand

Just received my first microbrand watch. Been trying to acquire the Resolute II for some time now from the Farer website. It was always out of stock....

Lander IV

some pictures of the farer lander iv

Which Watch would you get next?

I'll be honest, I have already decided on what my next piece will be, problem is I have to wait until next year until it will be available for purchase again. For now though, let's have a bit of fun!...
146 votes ·

Three More Potential Watch Collabs That Just Make Sense (To Me)

This is a follow-up to my previous article on the subject, where I covered three LVMH watch brands and highlighted potential collaborations that I tho...

"Best Micro Brand Under $3k USD" Tournament - Finals Update

FINAL UPDATE After 8 grueling days of agonizing between brands, we have a winner. 32 of our favorite brands entered and sadly we had to pick just one....


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