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Next up???

Help me pick pls
91 votes ·

Watch Tools

Whats the most frequently used tool in your setup other than the universal strap removal tool? Also what is the most unrecognized savior tool in your...

Decorated Case Backs

Why aren't these standardized!!??!! We need a Case Back Revolution! Take up arms! Let's return pure artistry to the case back! Thoughts?

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commented on Micro luxury ·

Very nice! Lovely patterned dial! Color is amazing too

commented on 10 year work anniversary watch ·

Congratulations 🎇

commented on Timex Power Reserve ·

Wow. I love Timex automatics... But this one is just incredible 🤩

commented on Beijing Watch Factory SB-5G (circa 1970) ·

Stunningly subtle

commented on Short Seconds by 47ZERO ·

Awesome share! Gorgeous piece.

commented on Uncle_Tall's WRUW ·


commented on TalkingDugong's WRUW ·

Absolutely stunning

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Hello my fellow crunchers, I need another one I think... Between these affordable diver options which one do you think gives the best value for money?...

"Amazon" Watches

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Thoughts on Leather Straps

Okay, I typically only see 3 qualities of leather watch bands: genuine 😶, top grain 🙂, and full grain 🤩. Now, I cannot stand a genuine leather band...