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What's your favorite Rolex nickname (not the watch, just the nickname)

292 votes

What percentage of your collection are mechanical watches?

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How many is too many

How many watches in a collection
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commented on asatiir's WRUW

Looks great. They should change all their watches to that logo

commented on It鈥檚 really worth buying the Farer moonphase micro brand watch over other recognized brands in this price category.

Value is in the eye of the credit card holder 馃ぃ馃ぃ馃ぃ

commented on Do you sport with a mechanical watch? Please comment what sport you usually do weather you wear your watch or not.

Cycling, Golf, running and always with a Garmin or G-Shock

commented on Maverick123's WRUW

En fuego 馃敟

commented on Pieces0ftime's WRUW


commented on Cephas's WRUW

What a beauty!

commented on Choose your poison... Tissot vs Bulova

Lunar pilot all the way

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Hockey puck

Met a guy at a festival wearing this hockey puck. He has an 8 inch wrist. This thing was enormous

Does anyone else coordinate their watch with their clothes

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Need recommendations

I'm looking for a sub 40mm, sub $500. GMT with a caseback with room for an inscription. This would be a gift for my retiring boss. ANY suggestions?

Erebus Origin review

My Erebus Origin. First I must commend Erebus for their excellent customer care. I received the watch in teal color in error. It was actually mostly m...

Erebus Origin

4.2 Avg. Score

Venezianico...What about this watch

Fellow Cruncher, Has anyone out there had hands on experience with this beauty ? I'm thinking of pre-ordering during this one second release.