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Are dive watches appropriate daily watches?

Had a great conversation with a colleague who noticed that I wear a dive watch as a daily and he wears a dress or non-bezeled watch on leather. He thought that dive watches aren’t very professional. T...
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JackieMoon_LMS ·

Back to square one…

I have come so close to obtaining my grail watch. Nearly two years saved up to get my longed after Seamaster 300M and a few months away from getting i...
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JackieMoon_LMS ·

Best Dive Strap

I was first made aware of this strap by @MWC2020 and his great YouTube channel. I am not usually a sucker for advertising but for $23 I thought it wou...
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JackieMoon_LMS commented on Selling watches.. yes or no? ·

would love that bb 58 😍

JackieMoon_LMS commented on Relax take your time ·

Could not agree more. I’m done with impulsive watch buys or cheap AliExpress clo-mages. I am in the process of slimming down my collecting and having 3-6 watches I love while saving for my grail. 

JackieMoon_LMS commented on 'FOR SALE' CATEGORY? ·

I completely agree 

JackieMoon_LMS commented on anti theft ·

insure your watches if you are worried. It is inexpensive and gives you comfort in wearing them. Add them to your home or renters insurance.   

JackieMoon_LMS commented on San Martin Watches. Respectable or Deplorable? ·

Selling one of my San Martins soon. Let me know if you’d be intereste. Heck of a watch, just slimming the collection down. 

JackieMoon_LMS commented on Doxa Sub 200 (vs. Rado Captain Cook) ·

For less than both of those with as much heritage, if not more, look into Squale. Their 1521 line is amazing for the money, especially on used market. Can’t be beat for the money.  

JackieMoon_LMS commented on Back to square one… ·

Thanks my friend! Glad you have the same mentality 🤜🏼🤛🏼

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JackieMoon_LMS ·

Squale 1521…Summer on your wrist…

I love this watch. What can I say about this watch that hasn’t been said already? Spending time with my wife and this Squale stunner on the beaches of...
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JackieMoon_LMS ·

Salmon or Pink Dial Recommendations

Looking for a salmo, pink dial or even a hint of rose gold watch to commemorate the arrival of our first child, a girl! Looking for budget friendly op...
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JackieMoon_LMS ·

San Martin Budget King

Got this San Martin a few months back after I tried my buddys on. Love the smaller size and retro feel without mercedes hands. The finish and bracelet...
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JackieMoon_LMS ·

Tissot Budget Stunner

Just got this gem a few weeks back as a gift from my wife. This is the Tissot Ballade and comes with the powermatic 80, silicum hairspring, sapphire g...
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JackieMoon_LMS ·

First Grail - Squale 1521

Got my first financially attainable grail in the mail today, the Squale 1521. I have been eyeballing this for a few years after seeing it on someone’s...
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JackieMoon_LMS ·

Squale - Yay or nay?

I have had this Squale 1545 for quite some time. I absolutely love it and it is sentimental to me. Gaining 7 seconds a day, is built like a tank and f...
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JackieMoon_LMS ·

Making a watch from scratch…

After reading another post regarding about how we tend to have fault with any watch so why don’t we make our own. I had the same though and followed t...
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