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Invicta Pro Diver 35695 Review

I had a problem with shipping it from the United States, waiting for a month, Amazon losing my package in my country and some other stuff. Finally got...

Invicta 35695

4.6 Avg. Score

I'm Curious

So I ordered a new watch. I'm not gonna say what watch it is. I am going to do a review on it too. What do you guys do while waiting for your new watc...

New watch from a cool microbrand Review

I got this watch this morning. It's a Microbrand from Spain very little people know about. I saw it online and then found it in a store. It's not a ch...

Neckmarine Coral Reef NM-X4765M02

4.4 Avg. Score

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DrexSavage commented on goodoboy30's WRUW

People just don't look good into Invicta's library too

DrexSavage commented on [LEAKED] BLANCPAIN x SWATCH - SISTEM51 FATHOMS launching 09.09.2023

Oh god...

DrexSavage commented on DrexSavage's WRUW


DrexSavage commented on Vostok Neptune 960895 Lume


DrexSavage commented on VOSTOK, love it or hate it?

I can't think of a group of people that hate it, no reason too either.

DrexSavage commented on NWA Vostok

Amazing choice! Great taste!

DrexSavage commented on What鈥檚 In My Box?


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Watches with Music

Whats your favorite watch paired with your favorite song right now? ![Image](data:image/svg+xml;charset=utf-8,%3Csvg xmlns='http://www.w3.org/2000/svg...

Preferred summer travel watches

What are your 3 chosen watches for travel right now?

Dive watch hunting

I am looking for one under 100$, I have ended up with these two as finals. Ratio is a good microband from Singapore, this model is a perfect diver for around 91$, on discount tho, 120$ or so MSRP. It...

Perfect Summer Watch

I always think that a colorful and fun G Shock is the perfect summer watch. What ya'll think?

Aliexpress steal

So, I just got this absolute steal for only 12鈧. Wonder how? I saw this "Addiesdive" watch on sale for 33鈧, and I looked at the other watches from thi...

Is this real? Do they exist as Quartz watches?

Just need help identifying if this watch is fake. Thanks

What's you're favorite?