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Timepiece Gentleman Arrested and Charged

On the way to work and read an article from the New York Times. Since NYT is behind a paywall, here’s a link to the Department of Justice press releas...

The continuing saga of the Santos de Santos

The BBC loves to scoop every other media outlet by putting a push alert before an article is published. When my phone buzzed, I knew I needed to check...

You may have swagger…

But you don’t have enough swagger to rock two watches on the same wrist like my son.

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Kclouis commented on Zodiac x Worn and Wound Super Sea Wolf Laser Tag ·

So many watches, so limited watch budget. I’ve been eyeing some Zodiacs.

I don’t know whether a Zodiac, Seiko or Longines will be my Christmas present to myself this year.

Kclouis commented on A watch Challenge. ·

Tagging @Aurelian

Kclouis commented on $1000 for a Timex? ·

If I didn’t already have an S1 38 and saving for a Zulu Time, I’d probably get one.

Though my next Timex will likely be a one of the solar quartz Expedition North watches.

Kclouis commented on Staying Classy in San Diego ·

Must get tacos.

Kclouis commented on Longines Legend Diver 39mm - just released - ·

Need to see this in the flesh. But I have spousal approval and encouragement for the Zulu Time 39.

So many watches, so little time.

Kclouis commented on Watches in the Wild (Halloween Hijinks, Volume 51) ·

As I was paying my bill at Chinatown restaurant last weekend, I spotted Lorier Neptune on a NATO.

Kclouis commented on Speedy Owners ·

How is the Artem strap. Is the hype deserved?

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I was today years old when I learned that James Bond wore a Tissot in Live and Let Die

A facebook ad led me down a James Bond rabbit hole. I know Bond has worn watches other than a Rolex or Omega, but I never new that a Tissot appeared o...

Hot(?) [Coffee] Take: The IWC Ingenieur (2023 reissue) is the Philz Coffee of Watches

*pic stolen from Teddy Baldasarre This post is inspired by the most recent Watches in the Wild post and my current stay in SF Bay Area this week. Firs...

What is in the watch roll?

Headed back to the Bay Area like last time to help my mom recover from surgery, specifically the “don’t lift stuff” restrictions that last a week. Bri...

Spot the Santos.

I obsess over George Santos news to just to spot the Santos de Santos in the photos accompanying any story.

Hot Take: The Planet Ocean Needs a Cyclops

*pic not mine of course The date window is so small, it is almost vestigial. Number is hard to read and is miniscule compared to the 12-6-9 arabics. W...

New Seiko Alpinist GMT?

I heard of a leak about a new Alpinist GMT. Don’t know whether this shared by Escapement & Watch on YT is a leaked image or a fan render. If real,...