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First Seiko Mod

This is my first mod of a Seiko SKX007 - this is my go to watch for the summer and of course I needed some Sith Red in there - who else is modifying w...
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Favorite accent color

I have found my taste to be conservative as my wardrobe doesn鈥檛 lend itself to a lot of bright color at the moment. I love a classic black with just a...
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SKX007 modification

Had this designed and it鈥檚 on the way - Seiko can be great for modifying and creating watches that are unique- I had a 24 he gmt bezel , white monster...
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Johndobbs commented on Case size 34mm too small for a man?

This depends on the man. If you like the watch and it makes you happy , wear it! I own a 1971 34 mm Rolex because it reminds me of my grandfather who wore one very similar. I鈥檓 6 foot 4 inches and 264 pound former football player and I have no issues wearing a smaller watch as I have normal to larger wrist - don鈥檛 follow trends follow yourself and you鈥檒l be happy

Johndobbs commented on How much in the bank?

You should be able to pay all off required debts , bills , mortgage before and if you then can spend the full amount ( I鈥檇 suggest below retail as tudors loose some value ) for the watch and still have money left over for emergencies ect then you probably could be fine. Going into debt for a watch is never worth it !

Johndobbs commented on Moonswatch worth it as a first jump from Casio or Timex?

The moon swatch build quality is far worse than a Casio or timex - it鈥檚 a neat marketing idea but very poorly constructed rush job by swatch group. Get a PRX it will satisfy you years to come vs a watch that broke after a month of ownership ( my experience) and stained my wrist from poor paint application.

Johndobbs commented on Is anyone else intimidated by the #WRUW crowd

Wheat what you love that is what this is all about. I proudly wear my $13 dollar Casio or $50 Casio duro as much as my Omega or Rolex. Micro brands are cool wear then and love them we all do here !

Johndobbs commented on Could you ever turn into a 3 watch collector.

I鈥檇 love to have a three watch only - these watches I currently have may end up being just that, I鈥檓 seriously considering selling all else off


Once it鈥檚 on market for awhile these will drop in betting to 8500 or so ( hopefully )

Johndobbs commented on Your dream watch on your wrist, and nobody gives a f***.

Most people don鈥檛 care about watches given that smart watches are the largest purchased category by far. All that matters is you like it - watch collectors/ enthusiasts may notice but we are a very small minority- buy what you love wear it and nothing else matters

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Digital Watch Vault

This is a great YouTube video from Paul Thorpe about the digital watch vault. What do you think - does this give watch enthusiasts hope regarding watc...
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Wedding bands and watches - does your wedding band affect your watch choices ?

I have found myself selecting watches that work with the style of my wedding band ( my most important and irreplaceable thing I own ) Do you do the sa...
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Do you lend your watches out ?

I鈥檝e been without this Explorer for about a year as I lent it to a friend who was traveling and wanted to experience an explorer 2. I had complete tru...
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Swiss Watch Expo

I鈥檓 wondering if anyone has had any experience with Swiss Watch Expo. It m considering a watch from them through Chrono 24 and everything looks great....
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CWC issued 89 - won at auction at an amazing value

Typically I would not care if it鈥檚 an issued watch or not. However , I came across this on an auction and there were no bidders - so I went for it and...
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Rolex theft

Interesting article from tide and tide watches. It makes me think about a larger question - is Rolex worth it ? Is the brand perception actually more...

Vermont police trooper allegedly stole a Rolex
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My taste haven鈥檛 changed , I鈥檝e just increased my palate

2 years ago I did not own any black or black pvd watches. Now, I鈥檓 having a love affair with them. The watch collecting journey , for me at least , is...
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