Dear Watch Crunch…

You have done it again. There was a great post yesterday by @Asmara82 about giving away a watch to someone who is just getting into our hobby. Several others stepped up as well and volunteered to give one of their watches away as well. That’s where @wsjp007 showed up big. 

My older brother is brand new to watches and started with an Invicta and a Cadisen that I gifted him. WSJP007 gifted his Yema to my brother. I even offered to pay for shipping and he politely declined. 


Check out the photos of my conversation with my brother and his excitement for his new watch. WatchCrunch community, you stay you and keep the positivity flowing! Thank you, @wsjp007 !!!


Nice! Doing your part to recruit others into this madness we call a hobby. I grew up wearing watches as a kid, then for some reason which I don't remember quit by high school. For a couple decades I went without until I was gifted watches from a few different people. Then the bug bite again, and deeply! Now I'm a full blown addict. 

So yes... "gifts" work 😛


Looks great on his wrist! Glad that I could find the Yema a new home.