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Would you sell your Black Bay 58 to buy the new BB58 GMT?

This is something I’ve been asking myself since the shocking release of the Black Bay 58 GMT! I’m sure many others have as well… But with a GMT case size of 39mm by 12.8mm thick, it’s hard to believe...
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Any Van Halen fans out there? 👀

Happy Monday! In my opinion this is one of Van Halen’s best albums. Now, what watch would pair best with this aesthetic? 🤔 Red triangle ✅ Diver ✅ V...

Black Bay Fifty-Eight at the beach

Happy Friday everyone! Here’s the BB58 on the taupe strap. Nice to get out to the beach on a warm February day in San Diego.

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commented on What's your favorite titanium field/explorer watch? ·

I like the hamilton brand the best, but that formex is just sooooo well done. I’d have to go formex.

commented on Thoughts on the new Tudor black bay 58 gmt? ·

Glad to hear it. I’ll be trying to get one as long as the wait list isn’t to cray 😎

commented on Thoughts on the new Tudor black bay 58 gmt? ·

How much thicker on wrist does it feel than the BB58? Is it negligible or do you notice it?

commented on Thoughts on the new Tudor black bay 58 gmt? ·

I think I’m with you on that! I bought the BB Pro and although it’s an excellent watch, it was ultimately to thick for me.

This watch is not even a full mm thicker then the bb58… such good dimensions. I am trying to get my hands on one but we will see if it’s possible! I’d like to buy it and wear it for several months and see if it wins out over the BB58!

commented on Do you have a watch that wears big that you still enjoy anyway? ·

Cool story! For me that watch is the omega SMP 😅 I have a 6.6inch wrist so it doesn’t wear that big, but when I switch to the Tudor bb58 I feel like it’s just such a better wearing experience and find myself wishing the SMP were the same dimensions 😩

commented on My Last Tudor ·

It’s funny how Tudor can listen to their customers so well and produce exactly what they want in a watch and then make a voice over ad that everyone thinks was a joke at first 😂 hey as long as the watches are good, I’m happy

commented on Would you sell your Black Bay 58 to buy the new BB58 GMT? ·

I do wonder about that too

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A vintage Rolex red triangle sub? 🧐

Not long ago, I posted a photo of a vintage Rolex Explorer “honeycomb” dial. This is its other friend, the “red triangle” Rolex. The Rolex Submariner...

Seaweed Master

These beach photos are risky business. A wave can sneak up and steel your watch at any moment.

Strap release coming soon!

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“1953 Rolex”. Acceptable or unacceptable?

The Rolex “6350 honeycomb” explorer… Ofcourse, as you can probably tell, this is not an original. A friend of mine made this watch to exactly resemble a vintage 1953 explorer, fully patinated but with...
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What color for everyday wear?

I’m curious, when it comes to a neutral color palette, what’s typically your choice for a daily wear watch strap? For me personally, I have always felt like these 3 colors pair with almost any color d...
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An Introduction to Altera (A dream in the making)

Hey, Watch Crunchers! I’m Justin 👋 It’s been a small dream I’ve had to start my own brand of watch straps and accessories. I’ve been working hard on...