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7.25” / 18.42 cm Wrist
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Moonswatch moonphase replica's

Recently somebody on here proudly shared a photo of their 'Mission to the moon' which unfortunately turned out to be fake. If anyone is considering bu...

Omega SMP300 Paris Olympics

I had a bit of spare time on my hands today and as I'd been working in a new area, I decided to take a look around at the watch shops. Naturally, I sa...

MB6 and Bluetooth accuracy

I've been away from home without either watch since Monday morning. The GBD200 needs BT connection for accuracy, which it hasn't had. The M900D A uses...

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commented on horolo_fan's WRUW ·

Thanks for the warning, but I have a demagnetiser at hand just in case 👍

commented on horolo_fan's WRUW ·

Yes 😂

commented on Show your Christopher Ward :) ·

Loving the Sealander and it's high on my list of next watch purchases.

For now I only have the 12.

commented on Help me decide on a chronograph ·

I tried the Glass box on a couple of weeks ago and I wasn't sold on it.

Possibly because of the 39mm diameter, or maybe the lightness. I just couldn't convince myself that it was worth the asking price.

Having a Speedmaster already probably gave the glass box a high bar to try and reach.

commented on Real or fake? ·

How did the non rotating tachymeter end up in that position? 🤣

commented on Tudor Chrono, would you buy ? ·

I was at the Tudor Boutique yesterday hoping to get my hands on one, but they didn't have any. It's a shame that Tudor don't flood the boutiques with stock ready for a launch.

commented on Blue watches - let's see 'em! ·

CW 12


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🚨NEW watch🚨

When this was announced late last year, I knew I'd be buying it. It was released this month, and I nearly bought it straight away, but decided to hold...

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Up cycling some Christmas decorations

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Do you trust eBay authenticity guarantee (EAG)?

This morning I read a post regarding buying watches online, and a few people commented that they would not do so via eBay. At certain price points (be...

An unexpected NWA

A watch I had no interest in until my GF exclaimed that she REALLY liked it, so I tried it on. It instantly grew on me and it was bought.

Which would you pick?

Recently I was very fortunate to find some limited edition Seiko's and get them at discounted prices. If you could only have one of the two, which would you choose?
74 votes ·