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Living vicariously through another collector…

Went up to visit my cousin for his daughter’s birthday and I had a chance to try on his timepieces while we were catching up. It’s interesting to try...

SOTC 2023 - Happy New Year!!

I went a bit overboard with the watch purchases this year. I’ve been collecting on and off for over 25 years and usually buy 1 watch every 3-4 years,...

What watch(es) started your watch collecting journey?

Funny how everyone has a different but similar start in their watch collecting journey. This quartz Victornox was the last non-premium timepiece of my...

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commented on malfaro619's WRUW ·

Thanks Tony!!

commented on Omega 007 NTTD! 😍 ·

Here’s a good one for you…Seiko SPB239J

commented on New to me Watch Alert! ·

Congrats!! Great choice!

commented on Maybe the Perfect Summer Watch? ·

Awesome timepiece!! I love the dial and how that rubber strap compliments it.

commented on Decisions - Omega Vs Rolex 🤔 ·

My two cents…Get the Seamaster and take a look at the Christopher Ward C63 Sealander to get your explorer fix…I have both GMT and non-GMT versions and have been happy with them.

commented on British watchmakers day 2024 for me! ·

Very cool, thanks for sharing!

commented on Calling All Micro/Independent Brand Suggestions ·

Adding #clemence watches. It’s a surprisingly beautiful watch in person and glad I was able to purchase one of their Photic Divers!


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Zulu Diver Seaqual Strap

Sharing my latest strap purchase. Zulu Diver Seaqual Upcycled Fabric was a perfect match for my Hamilton Khaki that came with a very stiff and uncomfo...