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6.25” / 15.88 cm Wrist
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How do I get this pins out?

Help! The pins in my San Martin are refusing to come out. Tried to follow this video and tried using pliers to pull out but only 2 out of 4 came out....

Scratch my itch

I wanted to get an Explorer II mod for a few months already but then Seiko decided to release their new GMT the SBSC009 which has put me in a real dilemma. Which would you go for in terms of looks vs...
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Which Zelos would you go for?

Wanted to try out my local brand (which I didn't know about till I joined Watch crunch🤣) and shortlisted a few options. Which of these would you go f...

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commented on Smaller watch on bigger wrists vs bigger watch on smaller wrists. ·

I would go small wrist + big watch anyway. I know photos can give the impression that small watches work on big wrists but in reality, it only looks on photos due to angles etc. In reality, nah. No way. Nah-uh.

commented on Tick Tock ·

You should be listening to your arc reactor @SpecKTator

commented on If You're Not Wearing a Chronograph, You Should Be - The F1 Seasons begun. ·

Not a F1 fan but I a fan of chronographs

commented on alexco's WRUW ·

I got this one too! But do you find the dial face abit small for you although it was supposed to be a 39mm?

commented on Just banged my watch for the first time.. ·

The two times I banged my watches, smashed the glass completely - 2 Edifices 🥲

commented on LUNAR PILOT. Not an alternative, but a competitor! 43.5 mm changed the conversation. IMO. ·

Wearing mine to work right now on a leather strap!

commented on Watches with blue lume? ·

San Martin!


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Help me understand the hype

I discovered Zelos only through Watch Crunch. Despite being a Singaporean, I have never heard of this brand. The watches look unique but the price poi...

What's the fastest watch you ever bought?

When I say fastest, I mean how fast did you off the cuff, on a whim bought a watch? Which watch and how fast from decision to purchase?

Yema RallyGraf - Yeh or Neh?

Went to the only AD in Singapore to try this Yema Rallygraf. 39mm dial, didn't feel as impressive (leather felt poor) or look as impressive as the pho...

Own up, what have you bought in 2024? 🤣

My San Martin SN0088 and Timex Waterbury reverse panda both arrived in the mail today. There is space in the watch box too cos I sold 3 pieces this ye...

Which Panda would you buy?

Which of these watches would you buy and why that one?
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