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Predneck ·

Birthday watch

It is my birthday so I bought myself another watch. Prior owner changed bezel and strap. Also have a green nylon strap. I might get a two tone gold an...
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Predneck ·

Looks like a Casio to me

Jeff “Skunk” Baxter of Doobie Brothers fame, a founding member of Steely Dan, played bass for Jimi Hendrix once and by the way a noted defense consult...
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Predneck ·

When you ask a watch guy if he has rubbers…

Yeah it’s a watch inspired Dad joke. I deserve your wrath.
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Predneck commented on Traveling with the Submariner ·

I love a fine watch but the first thing that I saw was F40. 
Quite the flex. 

Predneck commented on Think I made worst mistake by buying a 34mm watch.. ·

Personally I think it looks much worse wearing a watch the size of a pizza pan than a smaller watch. 
Go back and look at film and see the leading men like Newman, Connery and more and the size Rolexes and Omegas they wore. 
I would argue we have been conditioned to wear larger watches over time. 
To each their own but it does not at all make you less masculine. That vibe is presented solely by a person’s persona and not their watch IMHO. 

Predneck commented on Looks like a Casio to me ·


Predneck commented on Just ordered my military retirement present… ·

Thank you for all those years of service and sacrifice.

Predneck commented on Timex T2M422 - information ? history? ·

At least you know what time it is living under a bridge down by the river. 

Predneck commented on Buy a Watch, Save the World (The Edge168n homage) Part 1 of 3 ·

I can go six figures too


Predneck commented on Buy a Watch, Save the World (The Edge168n homage) Part 1 of 3 ·

Oh it did close. I lost track of time. Go figure on a watch site! 

Oh well. Good purchase. 

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Predneck ·

Bracelet with Omega symbol

So thinking about bracelets, which I kind of enjoy but don’t own, and stumbled upon this. Though not actually by Omega all you fan boys and girls can...
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Predneck ·

Just bought a new in box vintage Armitron

Still has plastic film over the speaker. Untested, so hoping a battery does the trick. I think it’s kinda cool. Not so sure it is a Quasatron as the b...
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Predneck ·

Glycine Combat Sub Chrono

Found on r/watchexchange on Reddit which I find to be a dangerous place and could not pass this up. Does not have the original strap but has a blue Ba...
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Predneck ·

Happy Father's Day and weekend!

I hope all have a good day and get to do something with friends, family or simply for yourself as we all certainly deserve it in these crazy times. I...
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Predneck ·

Did you see feature on watch collecting on CBS?

CBS Saturday morning had a nice feature story today on watch collecting and the growth since the pandemic and Apple Watch introduction. They devoted 3...
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Predneck ·

Considering this Certina? Thoughts?

So this DS Rookie is online incredibly cheap and I have never owned a Certina. Mid range Swatch brand that doesn’t get much love here in the US. Anyon...
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Predneck ·

Alpina Seastrong strap options

Cheap strap set from good old Amazon to add some pop instead of standard black strap from Alpina. Which one do you like and also any suggestions for a...
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