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Work beaters, how many if any do you own? Casio W86

This is 1 of my 3 work beaters. Being an electrical engineer I won’t risk my more premium watches! Who else uses beaters/cheaper watches for work?

What was your first watch..? Don’t judge me 🤣

Well here it is, the (crappy watch) that got me into this hobby… what was yours? I think many of us fell for the designer brand didn’t we? 🤔🤫🤣 PS f...

Bank holiday weekend + new straps = 😎

I’m happy with these new straps I’ve just received. Anyone else use WatchGecko? These are on offer if anyone is interested.. https://www.watchgecko.co...

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Love that Fortis!! 🔥

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Looks decent

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Looks 🔥🔥🔥

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commented on Work beaters, how many if any do you own? Casio W86 ·


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I shouldn’t be this excited at my age… 🤔🤣

Well it’s here (Nodus sector field) and I’m more than happy with it! Looks stunning IMO and I wanted a field watch that looked a bit different. Thanks...

Thoughts…? 🤔

Hi! I’m thinking of pulling the trigger on this Nodus sector field marine.. which I think looks fantastic! I’m looking for a new field watch that look...

Mint green dial conundrum…

Hey! What’s everyone’s choice when it comes to pairing a good strap with a mint green dial..? I have an RZE resolute and I’m struggling to find a good...

Happy Friday WC!

Been rocking another Zelos today, Blacktip Ti coal black. What’s your WOTD?

The little things…

What quirky things do you love about your watches? I personally love that Zelos add Lume to the crown and I haven’t seen this in many other brands!

Salmon anyone..? RZE Valour

After using an Apple Watch for many years (I know 🤣) I use my chronographs for many things including timing walks to food! Do some people just buy th...