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Got any unknown engravings?

As a vintage collector, occasionally I see engraved watches for sale and I have no problem snagging them. Putting myself -fictionally of course- in th...

Help Me build a Frankenwatch!

Need some help from the crunchmodders. I’ve got this cool Lord Elgin Aquamaster case and dial. I’d like to put a replacement automatic movement, stem,...

Solar Eclipse in 11 Days! You going? With what watch?

Here’s a silly one. What watch would you wear OR recommend for a once in a lifetime total eclipse of the sun?
70 votes ·

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commented on TimePeaceTX's WRUW ·

Love this! @ChronoGuy you got one of these?

commented on ChronoGuy's WRUW ·

Wow. I’m blown away. I love the vintage and Straton nails the look too.

commented on What’s your favorite insert? ·

A pristine aluminum is just. So. Sweet.

commented on Shbamn50's WRUW ·

I cheated. I used google lens. 😝

commented on Shbamn50's WRUW ·

Oh nooo. It’s a fashion watch.

commented on Shbamn50's WRUW ·

Hehe, what icon are you going to use for “getting warmer?”

commented on finalewatch's WRUW ·

I love the fifty fathoms, but , you know, $$$.

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That feeling…

That feeling when the latest watch you’ve ordered has arrived, and there is nothing else on the way. No, sir. I don’t like it.

Text exchange with my wife

I do really appreciate the thoughtfulness!

Our fellow collector in trouble!!

From NYT: Arnold Schwarzenegger, the movie-star-turned-former-California-governor, found himself on the wrong side of customs at Munich International...

I won a watch! And all you got was this lousy post.

First off, the only other thing I've ever won before this is the NCAA office pool back in 2013. Swear to God, I let the CBS Sports site auto-pick for...