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Was a guest at a wedding today. The couple already shared their first name and the dress code was "wear two of something (e.g. pocket squares)." I dec...

Wife Found My Wedding Ring Lost for 3 Years ๐Ÿฅฐ ๐Ÿ’œ

I know this is a watch community; however, we love our jewelry, too. So I thought Iโ€™d share this memorable experience: my wife found my wedding ring a...

Donโ€™t Lie to Mum

On one fine day in 2004 , a trio of watch muggles walked into a Cartier AD in the watch Mecca city of Hong Kong. My mother had decided to generously g...
Dress it up, dress it down. At a friends daughters wedding today, Railmaster delivers with a black suit.

First post

Hello all, this is my first post on this site! I'm chickenwrist, nice to meet you! I'm a young man starting my collecting journey, heres my new love....
Orient star 70th anniversary. Doent get much wrist time but it goes with my tie and sport coat today

Wedding bands and watches - does your wedding band affect your watch choices ?

I have found myself selecting watches that work with the style of my wedding band ( my most important and irreplaceable thing I own ) Do you do the sa...

Affordable wedding watch

So, I'm getting married in May and I'm looking for an appropriate watch for the occasion: 1. It's an informal wedding, civil ceremony on a cliff in th...

Your favorite picture from my engagement photo shoot?

So back in August, I popped the question and she said yes! We have been planning the wedding since then. We decided to do an engagement photoshoot. My fiance, knowing I am into watches, asked the phot...
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