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My Bunch

If you’re lucky you have one, if you’re extremely lucky, you have a bunch. No, not sports cars or supermodels or “Foolex” Panda statues, but lifelong...

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commented on What’s the one thing you hate about being a watch collector? ·

I can’t adjust my wrist size.

commented on Spencertheho's WRUW ·

It’s brilliant and surprisingly casual too! Love it.

commented on Seiko Nausicaa Watch ·

We just became best friends!😁🍻

commented on Seiko Nausicaa Watch ·

Of the tie ins, I think I like the Porco Rosso Seiko the best so far. I didn’t even know there was a Laputa collaboration as well, probably my favourite Ghibli of all.

commented on What's your Fat Tuesday Timepiece? ·

173 quid roughly

commented on What's your Fat Tuesday Timepiece? ·

Saw this G-Shock at the thrift shop and thinking this will go well with my goldfish heels and walking cane. 🤩

commented on WabiSabiMaster's WRUW ·

Direct sunlight makes most things look better. Except Gremlins and vampires.

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Everybody loves a mystery, unless that unsolved mystery happens to be yours. Over a decade ago I was handed an heirloom from my mother: “It was in the...

Seiko ONE PIECE Gear 5

Another Seiko collaboration watch for anyone interested! Luckily for me, I somehow never got into ONE PIECE… More details here: https://iei.jp/51273/

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I have been waiting for the right collaboration between Seiko and a franchise that I love. They came close with a Miyazaki Hayao (director of Studio G...

Seiko Fast and Furious Collab

Seiko with another interesting collaboration watch! “I don’t have friends. I have family.” And a Seiko Collab watch…😋 https://iei.jp/51238261801/?wbr...

Don’t Lie to Mum

On one fine day in 2004 , a trio of watch muggles walked into a Cartier AD in the watch Mecca city of Hong Kong. My mother had decided to generously g...

Early birthday present for Dad!

My Dad would have been 73 years old in just over a week. Sadly he passed when he was 47 and I was 19 years old. His Tag Heuer that he gave to me when...