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What watch would you bring to a watch WatchCrunch meet?

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A Risqué Swatch that becomes very weird the more you know about it

So this might be the first NSFW post on here? Not trying to start something just want to share this weird watch, which I have no idea how it made it p...
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Omega Days 2022 Thoughts

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unseenhero commented on What’s your take on engraving your watch? 🖋 ·

I haven't done it but definitely would. I consider it a type of customization, and I believe customizing a watch makes you want to keep it much more. 

One thing I don't like about the Speedmaster is the case back. Would be cool to be able to engrave it. Something I think Rolex does well.

unseenhero commented on Whats on your other wrist? ·

Fitbit. I aim to wear the Fitbits that look more like bracelets than smartwatches hoping to avoid too many "why do you wear to watches questions". I still get them.

I like keeping track of my fitness info and sleep so I really like having one always on me. The only time I ever use it for time is when my left hand is busy doing something where I can't rotate it.

unseenhero commented on Seitona how would you dress her up? ·

I really dig it on the brown leather strap. Bracelet doesn't look bad either! 

I'd probably keep on the bracelet and only change it to leather when I went to dress it up

unseenhero commented on What Is Your Favorite Watch Strap Company? ·

Beautiful! Been looking at these for a while, and since they released this new model I don't know which to get. I watched many videos and Peter Kotsa's video on "Artem Deployant Clasps - How do the work?" convinced me to save for the ARTEM sailcloth strap with the RM style clasp.

Then this new version came out and it makes sense to get this for my Speedmaster, however, I would like to use it on my other watches. It doesn't mean that I can't but I believe the other option would be the best option for versatility.

First world problems....

unseenhero commented on What Is Your Favorite Watch Strap Company? ·

I personally don't have a lot of experience with different straps however I have been eyeing Delugs Straps for a while and Aaron Bespoke (Combat Straps) since he is in my city.

Below are some thoughts on brands I have tried:

  • CheapestNatoStrap: I bought a lot from here considering the price is real low, and a long time ago they had stacked coupon offerings so I just splurged. All the NATO straps (leather, seatbelt style, marine national style) are great. I would definitely suggest getting this especially if you are starting so that you have a lot of options available. I also got the leather and rubber straps and those were much less impressive. This might have changed (last time I tried was maybe two years ago) however I believe that you are better off elsewhere for these.
  • Two Stitch Straps: I bought 1 strap from them, the Two Stich Honey Leather strap, a year and a half ago. It's gorgeous and definitely the highest quality leather strap that I own. It molded to my wrist relatively quickly. It wears beautifully. I have considered buying another strap from them but it is quite expensive to get it shipped to Canada. My go-to strap for keeping things classy.
  • Forstner: I bought a used Flatlink bracelet for my Speedmaster. I find it looks great, especially in pictures. I never held the original it's modeled after, but it is very "flimsy" but I wouldn't say in a bad way. It doesn't pull much hair (hairy guy here), and there is a nice stretch towards the clasp that makes wearing a bracelet on a hot summer day less of a problem. I don't wear this as often as I thought I would, primarily because the OEM 1479 wears much more nicely and looks great as well. 
  • Erika's Originals: I bought 1 strap over a year ago (same time as the Two Stitch strap). It was a gift from the girlfriend. I got this because I wanted something tool ish, easy to wear and that could be adjusted. I like that it is sized for my wrist so that I never feel like there is too much or too little material as I size the watch. I call this my "joggers of watch straps" in the sense that it is the most comfortable strap I own (I wear joggers every day when I work from home). I believe this is definitely worth the money. There might be some other Marine National straps that exist out there for a better price, but I definitely recommend this. The customization is cool as well, I have the Canada flag on mine and XXV engraved on the buckle to celebrate my 25th birthday. 
  • UTE: I got this when I subbed to "The Grey NATO". Definitely, the most premium NATO strap I ever had. The buckle and loops fill like they are milled and very robust. When I wear NATO straps I fold the strap back into the loops. Most of the time throughout the day on other NATO straps it undoes itself, however, I have never had that issue here. If you don't mind paying a premium for your watch strap, this is a great option. 
unseenhero commented on What watch would you bring to a watch WatchCrunch meet? ·

In a world of luxury watches the MM300 is still a value proposition in my eyes. I know someone who owns one in person, absolutely stunning.

A new explorer would also be amazing to see considering no ADs have them haha

unseenhero commented on What watch would you bring to a watch WatchCrunch meet? ·

Love this, especially the 12 hour bezel, looks good with your outfit as well haha