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New X-33 Thoughts and Opinions

Hello, Just wondering what is everyone's thoughts on this piece. Personally, I find it, as James Stacey would say, a deeply cool watch, however, the w...

Introducing – The New Omega Speedmaster X-33 Marstimer

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What are your thoughts on watch design? Prefer to stay constant or go the extra mile?

Hello Watchcrunch, For the uninitiated, Hodinkee has a podcast called Hodinkee Radio where the host, James Stacey, often brings on members of the Hodi...

HODINKEE Radio: Consistency Vs. Variety In Watch Design (Rolex, Omega, and MB&F)

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What watch would you bring to a watch WatchCrunch meet?

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unseenhero commented on N (to me) WA: White dial everyday ·

Wow I was way off, for some reason I had thought this was 1990 and the SMP300 was 1995 (with the film).

Brave of you, I wish you the best!

unseenhero commented on Watches from each decade - Share your watches Part 6: The 60s ·

@SurferJohn beautiful watch. It also encompasses quite an important time in the 60s for Grand Seiko which is very appropriate for the thread topic. 

@WatchYourIntruder great collection of Omega Pie Pans, really shows that they are one of your favorite haha

@Aurelian hopefully that 1966 Seamaster that belonged to your grandfather one day near appears in our WRUS!

I have no personal attachment to the 60s. Saying this I do own a piece from the 60s, a Caravelle Devil Diver. Recently I also got for my fiancé a Rolex Cellini from 1968, so another watch from the 60s. Some great value is to be found!

unseenhero commented on N (to me) WA: White dial everyday ·

Beautiful watch a choice! I love the white dial, and clear inspirations into the SMP300 that came out right after (wave dial, bracelet, skeleton hands? not sure of their official name). Looks great on your wrist as well! 

Does not being able to use it in the water (due to it's age) sway your feelings on how you like the watch? Personally, I don't think it would unless the watch was relatively expensive.

unseenhero commented on A watch guy's thoughts on the Apple Watch Ultra ·

Just want to say thanks for the insight, fantastic response! I haven't gotten a Smartwatch yet due to the fact I am not in the Apple ecosystem, however I am heavily in the Fitbit ecosystem and the new Pixel watch intrigues me for that reason.

unseenhero commented on Thoughts on this watch? ·

Looks like a cool watch. The collaboration doesn't really excite me, but I like the color ways. I won't be owning either anytime soon, other watches I prefer, and even other Tag Heuers I would prefer.

unseenhero commented on Best Three Watch Collection under $1000 (USD): WatchCrunch Edition ·

So very similar to @Mike_2 

  1. Lorier Gemini Black (499USD)

I own this watch (not this in this color however) and if I were start over again this would be my daily. I like have black as a daily and it really first anywhere. The bracelet is comfortable and, in my opinion, stylish. The bezel being 12-hours adds additional functionality. 20mm lug width so available to the most common watch strap lengths. I know people don't swim with 50M Water Resistant watches, neither do I, but I would not be afraid if a WIS greatest fear happened, falling into a pool. It's a mechanical hand wind movement, which I actually like (the ritual aspect of it) and a chronograph which I do use often. 

2. Sugess S419 Series (245USD)


I don't own this watch, but I would pick it for many of the same reasons I would pick the Lorier. The size seems great, the specs are up there. I never handled one, however I would love to one day.

3. G-Shock GWM5610-1 (110USD)


Best watch for doing watch things. I literally use this watch everyday. Good for almost every occasion. 

unseenhero commented on Best Three Watch Collection under $1000 (USD): WatchCrunch Edition ·

My 3 watch collection would be awfully close to this haha. I was thinking of a Lorier, that Zenith Homage, and a G-Shock. I guess I wouldn't be as creative as I had imagined.

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