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Hurrr Durr Smith’s Everest Was First

First picture: the Smith’s watch that reached the mountain top first — beating out Rolex. Yeah, we know. And? Second watch: the Smith Everest watch yo...

Exiting the Hobby of Horology: It’s Been Fun.

I am officially leaving the hobby of horology behind — taking with me a handful of watches in my collection and selling off the rest. In addition, I w...

Nostalgic Post: Shop NBC Watches: Invicta, Croton, Renato, etc

So… I am a millennial. Relatively young. During my early, mid, and late-teens, I use to stay up late watching Shop NBC’s (now SHOP HQ) wristwatch show...

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commented on Armitron: My First Ever Childhood Watch Purchased ·

Thank you! 🙏🏻💜

commented on Update - Invicta Pro Diver 47126 - Nothing Pro about it! 😔 ·

Most Invicta’s are bad watches, yes. But there’s a few gems. The automatic 40mm pro divers are great value sub homages. I also have a nice quartz Datejust 36mm homage from Invicta. It’s a shame, because Invicta had great designs before the company was resurrected by Eyal Lalo in the 90s.

commented on Update - Invicta Pro Diver 47126 - Nothing Pro about it! 😔 ·

Invicta’s warranties are a joke. It would be a waste of time to extend the warranty. Tons of online complaints about their warranty service

commented on a post ·

The dial’s texture and color combined with the applied three-dimensional (3D) markers puts me in a trance. Lovely frontal view. The pop of red on the seconds hand is a nice touch, too.

commented on collecting watches is a disease, you can never stop ·

I’m currently planning my exit from this hobby. Wish me luck

commented on Love em or Hate em ·

Invicta does in fact get a lot of hate. But the company has its use. It’s the company that got me into watches, so I’ll always appreciate Invicta for that.

commented on Tudor 54 or Tudor Submariner ·

Me too lol

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Lengths I Go to Align a Seiko Insert 😭

I asked Mark of Long Island Watch to get me an aligned SNE583. Sadly, whilst the chapter ring and hands are aligned, the insert was not 😡 The watch i...

Wifey’s Tissot SAVONNETTE Pocket Watch

Today, I received the battery needed for this Swiss Tissot pocket watch. I initially purchased it for myself. I didn’t handle it much. Strangely, my w...

Tudor P39 Snowflake ❄️ in… The Snow

Since acquiring this a few months ago, I patiently waited to snap some pics of my Pelagos 39 snowflake in, of course, the snow ☺️ YouTube short: https...

Bio Hazard: Vintage Armitron Filth from Cleaning

Every watchmaker’s nightmare: decades of sweat, lotion, soap, grime, and whatever else all in and over an old watch 😷 GAG 🤮 🤢 Just got done breakin...

Armitron: My First Ever Childhood Watch Purchased

Thanks to DariuslI of Watch Crunch, I decided to buy my first Armitron. My first watch was gifted to me whilst in the 5th grade. It was a diver style...

Rare Watch for Today: Glycine Combat Sub 39 Gilt

Glycine Combat Sub 39. ETA 2824. Regulated by Glycine. +2 daily. 39mm in width. 30ATM. Thin. 20mm lug. Gilt. Holes case. Superluminova lume. Swiss mad...