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Made in Germany

I love my Swiss watches and I love my Japanese watches but something about “Made In Germany” strikes home with me. This made we wonder if anyone else...

Removing AR?

It’s seems like the AR coating on my Sapphire maxbill is getting bubbly and or scuffed up. Thinking about buffing it off but wondering how much it wil...

Photo Dump

A few photos of a couple of my watches. Thats it. Hope it brightens up you watch crunch feed.

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commented on joewd99's WRUW ·

Thank you :)

commented on joewd99's WRUW ·

Thank you! Fairly new to me yet so still in the honeymoon phase

commented on joewd99's WRUW ·

They are under rated in my option. Very well made and I love the railroad history.

commented on Sellita & ETA - Your watch movement isn't in-house ·

Many different grades of movements from these movement makers. Not all ETA 2824 movements are equal.

commented on Tabula Rasa ·

Great reason to never get rid of it! Always special when your significant other is part of the memory and experience. Everything about that GS is outstanding.

commented on Tabula Rasa ·

Think that takes a lot of guts to make that Decision and I respect that. How did you decide the GS was the one watch to stay?

commented on Best strap for 90° days... ·

I love my brackets on hot days. I think it breathes better and feels less clingy than my leather or rubber straps.

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I’m that guy.

Yes I’m the guy awkwardly holding his wrist up and taking pictures in the airport or on the trail or by the pool. But in my defense I don’t take selfi...

Intresting books

Bought a couple books this weekend. Highly recommend A Man & His Watch. Awesome book of short stories about iconic watch collectors and their most...

What’s the ideal combo?

82 votes ·

Quartz Tag Heuer

Picked this up used about 5 years ago thinking it was automatic, when it came in and I realized it was a quartz movement I was pretty bummed and put i...

Seiko turtle

After about two months in the watch box (for no real reason) I broke out the turtle for some hiking and swimming in and around lake supirior. I fall b...