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What's your favourite dune watch?

Dune watches, movie-related or otherwise, seem to be all the rage these days. Which do you like best?
200 votes

Which TV test card dial do you like best?

After seeing a Swatch brand homaging Sea-Gull (at first I thought it was an April fool's joke) I can't help but ask which is your favourite of these novelty dials.
203 votes

So lonely...

French company Gustave & Cie. has come up with a new use case for the Miyota 9075 movement which single-handedly (pun absolutely intended) has tak...

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commented on Astraps! (Astra Strap Ideas)

I like the second and sixth. Colareb is great and they also have a Verona model in dark blue that would match the Astra dial:

commented on Why do Roman Numerals Suck?

Something similar to this (without the mirrored minutes on the inside) was my first watch as a kid. I'm still fond of Roman numerals with a "IV" (see my thumbnail).


I guess they look out of place on a diver, but otherwise I'll always have "Una de romanos" in my collection.


commented on This or that

C. The reverse 馃惣

commented on Christopher Ward v Bremont

Assuming it's a new one, CW. If it's a Belcanto or one of the watches with the in-house 5-day movement, I'll risk to p*** off the gift-giver by flipping it. Otherwise I'll gladly wear anything from them!

commented on DAF_punk's WRUW

Ah, in that case it seems safe to have your wrist in that position...

commented on Watches you鈥檇 love to own, but doubt you could pull off?

Out of my league, both in price and in wrist size:

Oris ProPilot X Calibre 115

commented on What are our thoughts on this bad boy?

Radio controlled moon phase is a killer feature, but I'd like it in a dressier watch, ideally with a pointer date subdial.

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