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Surabaya, East Java, Indonesia
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Alba Panda Chronograph Review 🐼

So i've had this watch for some times now, and i would love to share my experience with this Alba, especially with @SamSam ! Before it, a brief introd...

Alba A4B009X1

4.0 Avg. Score

That one time i made my friend bought a watch because of this watch πŸ˜…

I remember that one time my friend asked about my Orient because he was mesmerized with the watch. He never wore a watch before because watch size now...


Got my first paycheck yesterday and to commemorate it, i bought a cheap and cheerful Alba Chronograph! Thankyou all for participating on my last poll...

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commented on SamuelTan's WRUW Β·

Thankyou so much, Danilo!

commented on SamuelTan's WRUW Β·

Woah! That's a cool fact though! 😯

commented on SamuelTan's WRUW Β·

Thankyou, James! πŸ™

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The shirts won't change, just the view will sadly πŸ₯²

commented on SamuelTan's WRUW Β·

Thankyou, Rusty, i'll miss the view of the building too! πŸ₯²

commented on SamSam's WRUW Β·

Good luck going back to the real world, Sam! πŸ’ͺ

commented on SamuelTan's WRUW Β·

Mostly because i have packed my things and the Seiko is the only watch outside my suitcase 🀣 the Seiko of mine isn't particulary new, i have owned it since last year. It is a SNE141P1.

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Which dial would you choose?

I know it is stupid to ask this kind of questions online πŸ˜… but i need your opinion. To be fair i'm leaning more on the panda dial, but the other twos are tempting either but i only can choose one of...
101 votes Β·

What watch that makes you feel like this eveytime you wear it? πŸ˜‚

I've seen a multiple comments that explaining how wristwatch is a combination of arts, history, and functionality in a small piece. I'm interested in...

Wishing you a Merry Merry Christmas.

Not really a watch post. Just wishing you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. God bless you all!

SOTC 2023

Looking back at my collections, i tried to love every single piece of them. That's why i only add one in my collection this year, and it is a gift fro...

Solar movement tips

Im pretty new into this solar movement. I heard it is great, but some of you said it is a waste of money. So here is my Seiko SNE141P1 for my graduati...