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Mr. Jones Watch - A perfectly useless morning.

An anniversary gift from my sweet girl today for our 10th next week. I was surprised and blown away with this one. I really like it. A great gift from...

10 year anniversary gift from my Miss.

Next week is our 10 year anniversary. We will be traveling so she decided to give me this a little early. I was totally surprised and blown away. I ha...

The signal that you got the signal!

Multi-band 6 is a great feature on a lot of Casio watches keeping them accurate to a fraction of a second. Most models equipped with this feature of a...

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commented on BlacknSilver35's WRUW ·

Now that you mention it, it does have that vibe! When I was a little kid Kenny Stabler was the quarterback of the "Oakland Raiders" and I was very much a fan but not nearly as much as I was a Jets fan because of Joe Namath. LOL, I was a Jets fan my whole life until Woody Johnson became who he is today, and now Aaron Rodgers is a Jet, just ewwwww.

commented on BlacknSilver35's WRUW ·

Thanks Andy. I wish my other G-tona's had the backlight this one does!

commented on BlacknSilver35's WRUW ·

Thank you Martin. In took me awhile to get a G-steel. I dismissed them for a long time but they eventually won me over.

commented on BlacknSilver35's WRUW ·

Thanks Tony! Have a great Day!

commented on BlacknSilver35's WRUW ·

Thank you Rich!

commented on drcarter13's WRUW ·

Such a pretty watch. Never bad day for green! Have a great Saturday Danilo!

commented on Magstime's WRUW ·

Love the Willard Rich!! I almost put mine back on for another day today! Have a great Saturday.

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First Seiko

I have to blame this one on @watchguard77 . A week or so ago Kostas posted his Landshark on a sweet mustard colored strap and it blew me away. Not own...

New Bracelet on Promaster Eco-Drive

Picked up a new bracelet today. Trying it on .

Sexy evening wear 2-22-24 Casio W-59

Wearing the W-59 this evening. Had to set up a new coffee maker. Programming it for its virgin run in the morning!

Mail lady arrived!!

Saw a Willard. Wanted one. Decided on this one.

WWVB - The source of the Atomic Signal in North America

I was looking at some vacation pictures from several years ago and came across these. I was in Colorado and I had been curious about WWVB since I got...