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Russian repair stage 1.

So I picked up some Vostoks on the cheap. Just cleaned up the first one and put on a new crystal. The case still has a little pitting. The dial is mag...

I dropped my Duro on the tile floor

I have the tools needed though And a new glass Press it on And as good as new 👌🏻

This little piggy is going to the watch shop.

Good morning Crunchers! Okay, I have mentioned a few times on here that my Citizen Titanium Diver's has these hairline scratches on the mineral glass....

G-Shock GA-110 condensation

Looking for a good video on disassembling the watch. I bought one of the gray market that was supposed to be brand new for a birthday gift for my 11 y...

Kinetic Seiko power indicator problems.

I recently replaced the capacitor in my Seiko 3m21 with an MT516 battery. Lately the power indicator feature has become messed up. I know the MT516 is...

One Gunked Up, Now Touched-Up (Seiko World Cup)

Came across this very badly damaged Seiko watch on eBay. I've only seen white/silver dials of this 1990 Seiko Quartz DX World Cup model. Module is a S...

Advice needed - Omega Repair ?

Hi Crunchers, I inherited this old Omega. It has a lot of sentimental value, so I wanted to restore it (it is still working). I went to an Omega shop,...

Newish watch problem

Calling any watchmakers: I bought this Tandorio Serica homage about six months ago. I've not worn it a great deal as my wrist is shared amongst many o...

Michael Kors

Battery replacement and small repair on Michael Kors watch

Pocket watch back from watchmaker

Hello all it is finally back in my hands. Thos Russell And Son pocket watch. made running for the first time in years. It was a massive headache for t...