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Advice to newcomers to the watch world from a slightly older newcomer

First of all if you are new to the watch world, welcome! The watch is the most unique and fantastical device created by mankind because it measures ti...

Making of My Aaron Bespoke Masterpiece Case

Aaron was kind enough to send me the WIP of my 4 watch masterpiece. The outside is in a form of distressed calf leather known as "Battle Leather". The...

Bumped my GMT1 on a door frame for the first time ever...warning signs to look out for

Was on the phone not paying attention, swung my arm and heard a thump. Realized that I hit my watch on a door frame for the first time ever and began...

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commented on What's The Best Watch Presentation 🎁 ? Legacy ⭐ or Microbrand? ·

Best Kurono Tokyo and Atelier Wen by far.

commented on Knowledge Expanding Request - Your Countries Most Interesting Watch? ·

Israel you have to go with Itay Noy. He is a brilliant watchmaker that was a semi finalist in the LV Watch Prize. He and Konstantin Chaykin are the only two major Jewish watchmakers that have channeled Jewish culture into their watchmaking.

commented on Chameleon taking over my Ranger ·

I love these watch shots in the true wild. The Ranger is on my list and I can't wait for my own adventure but seeing people use these adventure watches in the way they were built to be used is fantastic. The modern world in many ways has lost its romanticism because the age of the explorer is dead unless you are a billionaire that can go to the Trench or an extreme athlete running across the Sahara or Antarctic.

commented on Send help 🚨🤷🏼‍♂️ ·

Tough. Some drill down questions to make your decision.

  1. Have you tried both of them on your wrist? If so, did you try different daily life movements to see if the bracelet, weight, crown or any element of the watch to feel which one feels more comfortable. I understand that it is nearly impossible to try them both at the same time.

  2. Is price an issue?

  3. Are these both considered "must haves" in your watch lover's psyche? Or is one viewed as an alternative in your brain?

  4. Do you already have a diver or field watch in your collection? If you already have one in one of these styles would you want another one or waiting is ok and expand the diversity of your collection?

commented on Panerai & the mixed Japanese print canvas/leather strap and case! ·

Same here. Would love to know the name of the strap maker.

commented on What’s some watch brands that are not that well known and great value for money that you believe should be more popular? ·

Jaeger LeCoultre. They do amazing stuff.

commented on My anniversary present from me to me ·

Can’t go wrong with a UN grand feu dial.

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What type of strap should I get for my incoming Firebird?!

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NSA: Vampire Black Alligator “Devil May Cry leather” Spices up the GMT1

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