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My second watch with a bracelet

So, I've been looking for watch with a white dial. I want to do a few mods to it to customize it a bit. I wasn't necessarily looking for a watch with...


Has anyone here tried one of these timegraphers that hook up to your computer or tablet? They are about a 3rd the cost of the ones that have a built i...

My visit with Nodus

So, yesterday I got to meet up with @Wes_Nodus to take a look at some of their watches. We spent about 45 minutes talking about watches and guns. I ha...

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commented on Timegrapher ·

This is the one I bought

WSDMAVIS 1Pcs Watch Timegrapher TGBC Meter Calibrator Tester Acoustic Display Mechanical Watch Calibration Tool for Desktops Laptops Mobile Phone

This is the one in the picture

MOOKEENONE Watch Movement Timegrapher, USB Cable for Watch, Watch Movement Tester Machine Gear for PC Desktops Tablets

But, like someone mentioned above, you can get them cheaper on AliExpress. I'm just not comfortable buying on that site.

commented on Timegrapher ·

Yes sir, those are all based on the software. The software that comes with this one shows that it has all of the info needed by a watch maker.

This is the one I ordered: WSDMAVIS 1Pcs Watch Timegrapher They had one in a local warehouse and said that it could be delivered tomorrow. As of right now there are only 3 left in the Amazon system.

commented on Timegrapher ·

I don't know about all of them, but the one I just ordered on Amazon is powered by the USB cable. So, on one like this, it would be good to make sure your phone has a full charge to power the device. I'll be using my tablet mostly, so I'll need to do the same with it.

commented on Timegrapher ·

You're welcome 🤣

commented on Timegrapher ·

I saw this one on Amazon, but you can find them on eBay and

commented on Fully Restored Elgin Pocket Watch ·

Nice watch and a great heirloom!

commented on Questions on assembling a DIY watch with sourced parts! ·

Are you talking about the kit they show in the pictures? Well, you might want to check with them about that. I believe that kit is their upgrade kit which cost an extra $120.


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Do you have $529K burning a hole in your pocket?

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Going to Nodus next week

Since I wasn't happy with the watch I got from Islander I sent Nodus an email to see about visiting their location. I got an email back from the sales...

Going back to Islander

EDIT So, I opened the box before the mailman got here to take a picture of the watch. I have two digital calipers, a Harbor Freight plastic one and $6...

Do you like things that glow in the dark?

I'm in no way affiliated with this company. I saw someone post a watch from this company they had gotten off eBay so I looked them up. Looks like they...

GMT Dress watch

Marc at Islander Watch read my mind. I really wanted a GMT watch, BUT I hate the style of about 97.6% of all the ones I've seen. I always wondered wit...

Question for all watch makers

So, about 3 weeks ago I bought a couple of watches from eBay. One watch said that it was running. It's a vintage 1967 mechanical watch so I know that...