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I find VAT confusing

Bought three watches from Ali Express for the 11.11 sale. All told, it was about $150. How does this work? Does customs send me an email? How much is...

I normally would just walk on by....

I really don't care for Nixon watches. Occasionally, they do come up with something that makes me do a double take. I mean, I have never bought one, b...

Which one? Strap vs Bracelet? New vs Original

You've seen my previous post. I want to change the strap, but I am undecided as to what. I love the color of the black leather strap but it feels so insubstantial and could be longer. So, I was thinki...
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hasenfeffer commented on Favourite YouTubers

Like JOMW, MWC, TGV, Peter Kotsa.

Just discovered About Effing Time. I like those guys.

hasenfeffer commented on What are our Crunchers thoughts on Baum茅 and Mercier

I think of them as Jacob & Co's little brother.

hasenfeffer commented on Chinese watchmaking beauty

They have become exceptionally skilled. I have changed my tune regarding some homages. The Steeldive 1970, for instance. I still feel gobsmacked over how good it is. Better than it has any right to be. But the Chinese are moving into haute horology territory. One big challenge will be getting people to see their worth when their own countrymen undercut them with cheaper, but well made clones.

hasenfeffer commented on Saw these at the GS boutique in NYC

Love that gray dial.

hasenfeffer commented on 馃巵 馃巹 Christmas Comes Early - NWA - Zelos Swordfish 馃巹 馃巵

Love their meteorite dials. Stellar lume, as usual.

hasenfeffer commented on Unique Numerical Systems On Watch Dials

Oh, for those who like watch modding and are feeling FOMO when looking at @Pallet_Fork 's sexy time watch, fret no further. This just turned up in my Ali Express feed. Proof that our phones are listening...especially AE and the like.

hasenfeffer commented on Unique Numerical Systems On Watch Dials

Churches would have tumbleweeds rolling through the aisles if only the perfect and virtuous attended.

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They Have Redeemed Themselves

Talk about a Wedding at Cana moment. They saved the best for later. Much better. I've been on the lookout for luxury watches. I'm seeing Philistines w...

Food Blew Goats but...

Can't deny the views of this place. This place is ritzy enough for a Rolex AD. No lie.

Ah, conference time

They sure feed you well at these things. At least this one does.

For Man or Woman?

I like much of the vintage inspired stuff Bulova puts out but, as a lover of Frank Lloyd Wright as well, I was taken by this piece. It gives me tank l...

Momentum Sea Quartz

Calling all old school Magnum PI fans. The old series has a permanent place in my heart as it was one of my late father's favorite shows. For that rea...


After months of research, gathering opinions, making up and changing my mind a dozen times, I finally made my decision. I had missed out on the re-rel...