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IT IS ALIVE! 🧪🥼My biggest project yet.

I have created my perfect watch! A piece similar to the Fifty Fathoms, a white dial, NH35A movement with orange accents, everything from AliExpress. I...

I changed my first movement! ❤️

As I posted before a few months ago I purchased on eBay this Citzien Eagle 7 “Frankenstein” 😂 and the movement will stop every here and there, so I w...

NWA @ Wind Up SF! 🔥🚨

New Watch! Yesterday I went to the Wind Up Watch Fair in SF and decided to get a new Baltic HMS. As I was browsing through the fair I had a few option...

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commented on mr.genta's WRUW ·

Awesome collection! That salmon dial Casio is 🔥

commented on drcarter13's WRUW ·

Amazing Father’s Day Danilo! Looking great 👍

commented on captainboner13's WRUW ·

Such a pretty dial! 🔥

commented on ranchnavarro's WRUW ·

My favorite complication to be honest!

commented on ranchnavarro's WRUW ·

Feeling fancy for a Wednesday!

commented on ranchnavarro's WRUW ·

Thanks Danilo! I’m pretty proud on the work there haha.

commented on clamcases's WRUW ·

Looks amazing! 🤩

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Wind Up Recap❗️

Success! Wind Up watch fair in San Francisco was an amazing experience. I have been looking forward to this weekend for months, and it didn’t disappoi...


Hi everyone! I’m very curious on your thoughts in Studio Underd0g. Windup Watch Fair in SF is around the corner, and I’m really hopeful to see if I ca...

Windup Watch Fair SF

Hello Crunchers, Windup Watch fair is just around the corner! This will be my first time going to the Windup watch fair. So I would love to hear any p...

Watch Repair in Bay Area California? 🌁 🔧🪛

Hey community! Wanted to see if anyone knows of a good watch repair shop in the San Francisco Bay Area? I have a Citizen Eagle 7 automatic that seems...

Birthday gift! 🎁

My teammates got me a new one for the collection! I have been playing football ⚽️ with the same guys for almost 7 years, and now it has turned into p...

First Chronograph 🏎️ and early birthday present!! 🎁

March is starting with a bang, I’m so excited! I have started a new job (which I’m loving so far) and my birthday is coming up in a few days, so after...