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turbillonagre ·

Seiko Prospex Alpinist SPB121/ SPB209 VS Hamilton Khaki Field Murph 38

I know this is probably one of the hottest horological versus matches of the moment (is that even a thing?). Even Max has put these 2 head to head on his YouTube channel. But surprisingly, after a qui...
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Watchme1 ·

When you are buying a watch does the movement matter?

Some people buy watches solely based on the look of the piece, and others care deeply about the movement it contains. Where do you stand? Be honest! 😂
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Jamust ·

Which do you prefer, the classic 36mm steel Oyster Perpetual or the sporty 36mm steel Rolex Explorer?

Looking to get my first Rolex and I am torn between these two models. The specs seem almost identical (movement, power reserve, dimensions), but the price of the OP is about $1K less. It seems like it...
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Justingalore ·

A fair trade?

I had a Rolex Oysterquartz datejust two tone 36mm ref 17013 up for sale. Someone offered me a trade of a Rolex Date 34mm with a lovely grey dial and engine turned bezel, ref 15210, and I went for it....
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thisjeffmartin ·

One spot... for a diver?

Hi. I've bought and sold a few watches in the last couple months, and am pretty happy with where the collection sits, but there seems to be a diver void. Currently: Hamilton Khaki Field Omega Moonswat...
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hamishfrob ·

How much do you think the build cost of a $5k (at retail) luxury watch is?

Please comment below the poll with your thoughts, reasoning, or expertise!
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Holihealthyrach ·

Help me pimp up my MoonSwatch with a new strap!

Hello watchcrunchers 👋 I’ve been wanting to upgrade my moonswatch strap but can’t decide if I prefer to highlight the burgundy or the cream dial. I want to get a strap from a Belgian brand (molequin.c...
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skandahooligan ·

Searching for a dressy(ish) GADA watch

So I currently own two watches: a Yema Navygraf Heritage and a G-Shock GW-M5610U-1ER. These two watches fit my needs most of the time. As a freelance copywriter and aspiring leatherworker, the only ti...
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Watchme1 ·

Do you consider rising service costs when deciding how many watches to own?

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piloot ·

what accuracy is acceptable?

to what degree time accuracy of your watch is important for you? or you happy with the accuracy of your watch and it doesn't matter too much?
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