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Would you like to see Seiko bring back proper digital watches?

1979 Seiko A259
54 votes ·

Happy V Day WatchCrunch! ❤️

Casio F-85 Honda F1 edition 🏎️ Casio LA670W 🩶

1977 Casiotron 76CS-42 Brought Back To Life

Not perfect but happy w/ my first restoration!

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commented on I think this is a sign that I need to buy a new watch 😂 ·

Most drivers don’t wear a watch. Doesn’t seem like a lot of weight only a couple of ounces, but every bit of weight matters in F1. Over the course of 60-80 laps or so could add up to a few thousandths or hundredths of a second over the race. But I know some sponsors like Richard Mille will pay their teams enough to have their drivers wear em during the race anyways. So it just depends

commented on I think this is a sign that I need to buy a new watch 😂 ·

Reminds me a little bit of the Mercedes F1 team printing watches on their gloves for their drivers w/ their IWC sponsorship. A lot of other teams do it now too

commented on impatientpatient's WRUW ·

I need to get myself a marlin Casio at some point I love the look of em!

commented on CadeStingle's WRUW ·

U got that right haha 😂

commented on impatientpatient's WRUW ·

Make Seiko great again! Love this watch 🔥

commented on CadeStingle's WRUW ·

Thank you! Love these old Casios that show the solar panels loud and proud ☀️

commented on Drowning_in_Digitals's WRUW ·

Man I love this one 🔥☀️

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When Your Watch Matches Your Car! 🚙⌚️

1985 Casio F-85 Honda Formula One Edition 2023 Honda Civic Si

Happy Friday ⏱️ 🏎️

Casio AQ800E-7A 1973 Porsche 911S

Marathon Marine Chronometers USS Yorktown, Charleston SC

Spotted these Marathon chronometers on the USS Yorktown museum. Pretty cool to see the company’s military roots back in the 1930s/40s w/ a little bit...

Received Free Vintage Tag Heuer WK1121

Just recieved the free watch from @Asmara82 that he was giving away, and I am blown away with the watch. This man’s kind gesture to give away this bea...

When All Your Digital Watches Are Finally Synced To The Same Time Together

I need another watch box… shout out to my cat photobombing me 🐈 Let’s see how long they stay synced 😂

$13 Walmart G Shock DW5600

About a month ago day before thanksgiving, my girlfriend and I walked into Walmart and stumbled upon two $13 cheap DW5600s! Should’ve grabbed the seco...