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6.75” / 17.15 cm Wrist
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PSA for all crunchers!

Being a part of the scavenger hunt is a great way to get the mention machine badge. That's it. That's the whole post. Alright alright be gone with ya....

A great visit with Oris

So, The Oris airstream came to the closest/favorite AD to me, so I had to stop by. I know I don't talk about Oris much in my posts, but they are easil...

Redundancy. Send help

So I am trying to reduce my collection to a stronger rotation. I had an impulse buying phase that needs to be dealt with. I have come to a bit of a re...

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MMerc5 commented on Why I haven’t been posting anything lately ·

I pray that's your son, your family and yourself all receive the strength to push through this very difficult time. We are all here for you. Take all the time you want to focus on the ever-important things in life. Family > everything.

MMerc5 commented on What's your favorite watch in your collection? ·

My SARB017 easy

MMerc5 commented on Most Haunted Vintage Watch Challenge - Preview and Sign-up ·
MMerc5 commented on MMerc5's WRUW ·

It's tricky getting a SARB017 these days. I would go with any of the other prospects versions. The black is the more versatile.

MMerc5 commented on Any recent experience with Yema? ·

I have a quartz Superman. No issues QC wise. I don't love the clasp on the bracelet but a strap helped.

MMerc5 commented on What is your next watch? ·

All of them....all the watches

MMerc5 commented on I’m falling in love, but should I not? ·

I too also LOVE the sub39 but I just worry about rather long lug to lug lengths

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This helped.

As someone unfamiliar with the luxury space, Adrian helped me understand the situation and how it affects the market as a whole. Worth a watch.

Watches of the men who made us.

So, this is a bit more of an emotional and reflective post today. I have recently found a couple of my paternal grandfather's watches, thus completing...

Scary Story

So, I have mentioned on WC several times that I am a high school teacher. What I have not mentioned is that I work at a private boarding school. You c...

Need YOUR help for next Cool Wall of Watches post (CWOW)

Hi Crunchers, as some of you may remember I used to post for the Cool Wall semi regularly but I took a bit of a break from WC and social media as a wh...

What makes a Grail?

So I have seen some chatter on here about grail watches and think we should work on clearing the air and forming some agreement on what a grail actual...

Solid or display?

How do you like your watches backside?.....oh not like that you freak! Are you more of a solid caseback type, where it may give you some spec listing and a slick design that leaves a stamp on your wri...
162 votes ·