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6.75” / 17.15 cm Wrist
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The Diver's Extension Clasp Saga Continues!

In my search for tool free micro adjust clasps, I think I have found my favourite iteration so far. I bought this 18mm Divers Extension clasp from San...

First Impressions: Strapcode Super-O Boyer Bracelet with Diver's Extension Clasp.

Package was just delivered, and the bracelet was just sized for my 5KX. I bought this at $100 CAD, it has since gone up in price. The clasp alone sell...

Finding an Appropriate Watch for my Brother

My brother said he likes the idea of watches, but does not wear one because he has always destroyed them at work on a tugboat in the past. The obvious...

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commented on The Morgan Stanley Report: An Equity Analyst's Take ·

This a was a fascinating read. Well done. I need a drink now 😂

commented on Field Watches ·

The term field watch is too broad.

Hot take:

Military style: mainly reissues and reinterpretations.

Explorer style: sports & luxury watches sold in ADs.

Curve ball: Studio Underd0g Series 02 is also a fun interpretation of a field watch.

commented on Steffany Blue Gem! ·

Congrats, such a great looking watch. Enjoy the crazy Lume.

commented on Do you set your watch? ·

I can only understand not setting a watch, if it no longer works. People wear sentimental pieces like this all the time.

commented on Erebus ·

So cool to see the red one finally. Looks great.

commented on Watch course for beginners. Chapter 1: Your spouse ·

I went thru mini PTSD reading the Bingo Card of possibile responses 😂.

Definitely hit most of those when I bought a gold Casio haha.

commented on The Diver's Extension Clasp Saga Continues! ·

Zelos replied: declined to sell just a clasp. Said custom endlinks which would not fit other bracelets....

No reply from Erebus.... Yet.

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Considering a new Mr. Jones Tadaima I missed out on this watch the first time they released it & I am considering...

How much do you trust photos on WC?

When taking pictures of watches on my phone, I edit most of my shots mainly by fixing the colour balance & cropping them a bit. I suspect a lot of...

NWA: The Man With The Golden Casio

There's no real story behind this purchase, Simply: (I recently won an Amazon gift card at work and I have been looking at different A700 models for a...

What do you think? New Namica Okami

This is the 2nd offering from Charlie and his Japanese Microbrand Namica Watches. I have his first dive watch, the Shirahama Neo Tokyo which is one of...

Which Casio A700 would you choose?

My head says Sensible Silver🥈, but my heart says Gaudy Gold 🥇. I won another Amazon gift card at work today & always wanted to try out this little Casio model. What would you choose and why? I'm...
86 votes ·

G-Shock Hidden Glow Series