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The Audemars Piguet

Audemars Piguet was founded in 1875 by two young and ambitious watchmakers, Jules Louis Audemars and Edward Auguste Piguet, in their home village of L...

[Question] Help me to choose one (Omega or Rolex)

I have $15k budget for buying one watch. I am sharing the images (these images are from online). I want to choose between Rolex submariner and Omega m...

When the AD pulls through!

So there I was, cruising my local Walmart for a loaf of garlic bread and easy cheese when WHAM! There it was! A beautiful rare Timex Denver Broncos wa...

I can’t bring myself to consider paying more than 500 bucks for a watch.

I got my Marlin for a song on clearance for $11.00. Now…I know that is a fluke and I was just in the right place (Walmart) at the right time. No argum...
Happy Friday the 13th!! I haven’t worn my YM37 in a while it seems. The shorter lug to lug compared to my BB54 makes this wear even better with my itt...

Tag Heuer Carrera 👍👎

I'm a 👍 This was my first proper watch, bought to celebrate an accomplishment in my career. Consequently, I will never part with it. Growing up, naiv...

HOTTEST Luxury Watches Revealed (Great Investments!)

Tips for Hot and Cold watches of 2023,

Holy sh** it's huge (that's what no one says)

This is the ONLY wondering hour tourbillon in the world coming in at 15... hundred. 

Montblanc Star Review

Okay, I really love montblanc watches, the heritage is a awesome timepiece, but let’s talk about the entry level watches that Montblanc produces. The...

Montblanc Star

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Why don't we talk more about ...... Golana?

In 1956, Heinz and Anna Gall purchased a license from Norbert Burns to produce the same very accurate watches that he had been producing in Le Bois si...