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The WatchCrunch Valentine’s Day Challenge Part 2

In the Valentine’s Day challenge WatchCrunchers chose the best watch to melt the ladies heart. @OscarKlosoff offered a stunning Breguet REINE DE NAPLE...
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"The WatchCrunch Valentine's Challenge"

Okay everyone, this is just for fun and bragging rights. In a few weeks St. Valentine’s Day will be upon us. So your task is to pick out a watch to gi...
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Holiday Gift Guide

This gift guide from Berny Watches was in my e-mail today. Berny's watches are reasonably priced from $39 to $475 and if you sign up to let them spam...
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Velomax commented on The WatchCrunch Valentine’s Day Challenge Part 2 ·

Only $800,000.00 for the pervert watch.

Velomax commented on "The WatchCrunch Valentine's Challenge" ·

Celine, fabulous choices especially that VC.  Feel free to gift me one, lol.  You should have offered these during part 1 of the challenge so they could be included in the challenge.  At this time, I would like you to choose your favorite of the watches that were offered before Feb 1st.  I especially want you to choose mine but my fellow Crunchers have offered some extraordinary choices.

Velomax commented on Project Build a Camel - Nearly time to build. ·

That selection of components is going to make a good looking watch.  At least it will if you put them in all of the appropriate places.

Velomax commented on A Thought on Over Thinking (in Good Jest) ·

For me, watches and water are a bad mix which I try to avoid letting happen.  My wife has been without her Seamaster for over a year due to the sea.

Velomax commented on Greetings from NJ! ·

Welcome Neighbor.  I'm Rich from Bridgewater and I hope to meet you at a watch event soon.

Velomax commented on Pondering Time: Eterna Madison Eight Days ·

Nice watch but pass because it does not represent any of the objectives of my collection.

Velomax commented on How Deep Is Your Love? ·

I can't answer that but I can tell you which watches could use a dial restoration.

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Has Franck Muller become the Rodney Dangerfield of watchmaking?

Franck Muller, the "Master of Complications " is arguably one of the great watchmakers of his day. At age 26 he designed and built his own tourbillion...
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A 3D printed Oris ProPilot Coulson Limited Edition

I usually pay little attention to Oris since declaring them a lost company searching for an identity but the hot color fade dial on the new Coulson LE...
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Christopher Ward C1 Bel Canto

The new watch arrived on Monday. Christopher Ward appears to have figured out how to ship their watches since the last time. DHL did not contact me to...
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I had the fortune to find the very knowledgeable salesman for Carl F. Boucherer with no customer to talk to so I made it an opportunity to look at a w...

Carl F. Bucherer 00.10920.01.13.01

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New Christopher Ward C1 Bel Canto and how my big mouth got me in trouble

I got overly excited two weeks ago when I saw the Christopher Ward C1 Bel Canto in person for two very good reasons. The first reason was that the rel...
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Limited Royal Canadian Mounted Police 150th Anniversary Edition

What do you think?
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Balance Wheel in yo face

I personally like the color and the escapement right out in front where you can see it. What do you think of this watch?
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