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As a result of spending too much money at the Omega Boutique at the King of Prussia mall, my wife and I received an invitation to their 10th anniversa...

Omega Titanium on Rubber strap220.

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Why don't we talk more about ...... Ellicott?

Currently based in La Chaux-de-Fonds, Ellicott watch brand traces its origins to 17th century. The Ellicott Company could proudly point to its own tra...

Why don't we talk more about ...... Jeanrichard?

The history of Jeanrichard begins in the 17th century in Les Bressels, Switzerland . Daniel Jeanrichard (1665-1741) at 16 years of age, created his fi...

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The branding was already owned by Swatch. I don't know how much in marketing Swatch spent but it was crazy successful. The supply was atrocious and after anouncing that they would be available for online purchase, Swatch renegged and trickled them to the stores creating stupid prices on the secondary market. That lowers the value in my view. Still not worth more than $60.00 to me.

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Yes. Not all well dressed people know the date without looking.

commented on Thoughts on Continuous Modding ·

Do what makes you happy. If you enjoy doing the work to have a unique watch, why not?

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The style and homage is pretty cool but you are paying $260.00 for a $1.98 plastic case and a $1.39 quartz movement. Why should it cost more than any other $60.00 Swatch?

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If you don't want opinions ... don't make public posts.

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Since they took the click toy bezel off a diver they were left with a polished bezel dress watch case.

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Why don't we talk more about ...... Jaquet Droz?

Jaquet Droz is a favorite brand of mine due to my obsession with complications and artistry. This brand has always offered both, but they have also be...

Why don't we talk more about ........ Ferdinand Berthoud?

Ferdinand Berthoud was born on March 18th 1727 to a family of distinguished clock- and watchmakers in Plancemont in the heart of the Val-de-Travers re...

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Ludovic Ballouard Upside Down I've looked at time from both sides down but this movement surprised...

Why don't we talk more about ...... Arnold & Son?

In 1755 John Arnold left England for the Netherlands at the age of 19 after completing his apprenticeship to hone his watchmaking skills. He returned...

Why don't we talk more about ...... Perrelet?

Abraham-Louis Perrelet (9 January 1729 – 1826) was a Swiss  horologist . He was born in  Neuchâtel , then in the Principality of Neuchâtel. At age 20...