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Back on the Ranch

Oak and oscar back at the family ranch

Team watches!

Let's see what watches are out there. Any sport and doesn't have to be licensed. Maybe you have that watch with your team colors?

Casio Overlanding?

Casio must be in my brain. Not only did they announce the new Mudmaster but they use overlanding as the inspiration. I've been an avid overland travel...

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CjRwatches commented on Ooops - Dropped the Explorer... 😭 ·

Thankfully it landed on a thick towel, but still hard enough to do a snake test and listen to rattle

CjRwatches commented on Ooops - Dropped the Explorer... 😭 ·

Great write up, I recently did the same and dropped my Zodiac Super Seawolf. I know the terror and fear as it falls. The instant understanding of geometry to successfully slow and stop its fall. A lifetime of calculations in the blink of an eye. Sadly sir, your watch had other plans

CjRwatches commented on LEGO Rolex ·

I Second this

CjRwatches commented on Universal_Lee's WRUW ·

Scurfa ?

CjRwatches commented on What's your favorite Tissot? ·

The gentleman is a great option

CjRwatches commented on What if? ·

I Do love that oris

CjRwatches commented on chibanachosin's WRUW ·

It's a great looking watch

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Where oh where.....

Let's see what region in the U.S.A. holds the most crunchers!
66 votes ·

Bulova maybe?

Interesting watch, I'm honestly not interested in adding a bulova to my collection right now but I'm kinda digging this. It seems like they're trying...

Great little watch

I was repacking my fire pack and found this old beauty. I must have taken the strap off years ago after breaking the spring bars. I'd bought this duri...

My first watch

So I'm going to be going through my collection and posting the reasoning behind why it's in my collection. This first one though will be the story on...

When the AD pulls through!

So there I was, cruising my local Walmart for a loaf of garlic bread and easy cheese when WHAM! There it was! A beautiful rare Timex Denver Broncos wa...

Bracelet problems!

Anyone else on the crunch run into this issue? I have a hell of a time sizing my bracelets. Not because my 7.5" wrist. That's just a full link here, h...