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Snoopy MoonSwatch

My wife hint that she like to have a new watch, at the same sentence, she hint about Snoopy and Omega. Look what I get her today. 😎

Christopher Ward C63 SH21 Blue Marine Limited Edition

I just got the Christopher Ward C63 SH21 Blue Marine today. It was pre-order last year on March. How do it wear on my wrist? I have a 6.5 inch wrist,...

I will have Superman

I had bought a new watch for next year. Yema Superman Bronze CMM.10. It is from Kickstarter project. Very informative. My first bronze watch, my first...

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commented on gizzhead's WRUW ·

Very good looking watch. Beautiful reflection.

commented on nawirby's WRUW ·

Thank you sir.

If you want to use quick release, 20mm dont fir, you must use 19. I bought the strap call premium nylon from marketplace it is much thinner and a bit shiny.

commented on The horrors of magnetism 🧲⚡️… do you care? ·

I bought a very sensitive compass. It can detect magnetism in the spring bar. Most of my spring bar easily get magnetism. I have demagnetiser.

commented on nawirby's WRUW ·

First day in March.

commented on nawirby's WRUW ·

Thank you Alan. For me, it is about apperance and accuracy

commented on MÖELS 369 VELVET NOIR ·

Red is good, someone maybe like lume too (like me, so I can wear the watch at night). Thank you for making time to explain.

commented on nawirby's WRUW ·

Especially if our generation. I think Gen Z dont know about Kermit.

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Dual Balance Wheel and Escapement

What do you think about this watch? Dual balance wheel, dual escapement. I bought it a year ago, forgotten about it until yesterday.

Watchcrunch shop

Youtuber is also human, they are professional and need to make a living. It is a comment to:

My first diver

I dont swim a lot, dont go to beaches mostly. This is my first real diver. 300m Unimatic Modulo Uno. 40mm and 49mm lug2lug. Not to big for my 16.5cm w...

Zero West

I watched Youtube, I like this watch, but too bad, it is above what i am willing to pay for the import tax It is all about design.

Battery not include (Perpetual Alarm Chrono)

Yes, it is a sci fi movie in 1987. What if your phone and smart watch run out of battery. This Seiko is a quartz day date, perpertual calender, chrono...

Why day of week not important?

I mostly find Seiko 5 have day of week with date. Wouldn't it be nice to wake up and know what day of week it is? Saturday is blue, Sunday is red. Wha...