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On the Artem I can really appreciate the finishing on this watch more.

Just a reminder to appreciate what you have. It's easy to forget and look for the next shiny thing. This watch still makes me smile after almost a yea...

SOTC 10 years of watch collecting

My SOTC I'd like to hold on to for the foreseeable. I suck at taking group shots so here they are individually. Casio G-shock B5000D-1ER - I hate the...

Navi's wear smaller than they appear 46mm on 7.5 inch (19cm) wrists

Just a reminder to not get off put by raw figures when it comes to watch dimensions. Always try before you remove the option!

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commented on Let鈥檚 be honest about Grand Seiko.

https://youtu.be/YsVK5p2bO6w?si=Z3LPUzoD2LWtaL2k watch this and wear a grand seiko you'll quickly see why the cheap association is VERY wrong. In my opinion grand seiko is finishes better than JLC dial and hand wise sometimes case (except for the Polaris and Not movement) The GS bracelets are ass IMO. So I'd recommend them on a strap.

commented on Do you shower with your watch on?

Depends on the situation if I'm out and away from home then yes.

But in general no the soaps deadskin that come off can easily fall on to your watch and ironically cause more build up of dirt.

Also, if you do do this it is worth getting your water resistance checked regularly by getting the gaskets checked etc.

commented on Smooth or Fluted Bezel ?

Fluted bezel jubilee all the way otherwise you may aswell get an oyster perpetual

commented on Questions For Citizen Eco-Drive Owners...

10 years roughly mine needed a new capacitor

commented on This or that. Speedmaster or Chronomaster

Speedmaster for the better bracelet.

commented on On the Artem I can really appreciate the finishing on this watch more.

You definitely need to try them. Size wise they are quite different. I used to have a panoreserve

commented on Stopped by the Omega boutique 鈥

Owned it lovely watch. I think it'll age better than the SMP. My only criticism is the partially polished links and the much higher price tag than the regular SMP.


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Arrived today, over the moon!

A brilliant watch from spinnaker. Playful, looks great, wears even better and most importantly has the most fun lume of any watch I've owned!

That's the new work screensaver sorted 馃槀

Took far too long to make this but still makes me chuckle.

What makes a watch look "worth" it's price tag

I was having an interesting conversation with a local tradesman as I discovered he was a fellow watch enthusiast. He had a pretty impressive collectio...

Went with the Laco Augsberg but no AR?

Went with the Laco Augsberg fantastic value pick. But quickly realised upon arrival there's no AR. Fortunately the retailer and Laco were great and of...

Affordable pilots watch?

Watch Specification: Brand: San martin Model: SN095-Q-DA Movement: YN55A [Automatic Mechanical Movement] Crown: Screw-down Onion Crown, Bronze Material Case Back: Screw-down Case Back, Brushed Process...
63 votes