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Nothing but the best for THE Tank

When I got this vintage Cartier Tank two weeks ago I knew it deserved only the best strap for the best experience. So last week, after consulting with...

No one can tell me what to wear... not even me

There's a saying I see here on WatchCrunch perhaps more than any other phrases: Wear what you like. This is a good saying and most of the Crunchers pr...

SOTC 2023

I think it is now safe to close the books on 2023. The Manila meetup last Sunday felt like a nice wrap up for the year. I started out small and 2023 j...

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brunofrankelli commented on Watches from each decade, 2023 edition - Share your watches Part 5: The 50s ·

I have three from the 50s:


Zenith Stellina "Jumbo" -- one of my favorite watches that I own. Got it in Rome in March of this year and still deeply in love with it.


Doxa military watch -- a gift. There's a crack on the crystal at the 7'oclock marker. I'm having the crystral replaced next week.


Wittnauer, which is the newest and thinnest of the bunch. Problematic short lugs. Finding curved straps is a pain. Nonetheless, I love it.

brunofrankelli commented on a post ·

Having read through your other posts just now, I understand your frustration. I would be pissed off too if I ran into your purchase woes. But you shouldn't take it out on the people here. Also, your post about selling your collection isn't exactly welcoming. No one here owes you anything. You want something from the site, not the other way around. You could try being a little bit more warm. Just saying.

brunofrankelli commented on Nothing but the best for THE Tank ·

@CliveBarker1967 Sorry, was rereading this and it might not have come across as the banter I intended. I hope this isn't as offputting as it reads. I don't do emojis, which seriously limits my Internetspeak.

brunofrankelli commented on Nothing but the best for THE Tank ·

Ah. You made me believe for a second in a slightly magical world where Clive Barker is a watch enthusiast.

brunofrankelli commented on Nothing but the best for THE Tank ·

Not watch related and I don't mean to put you on the spot but is Clive Barker a common name where you're from or are you THE Hellbound Heart Clive Barker?

brunofrankelli commented on The Tank is for Anything ·

Just to be polite I won’t show myself but currently wearing Tank with no shirt on while watching YouTube at home. So obviously I agree with you.

brunofrankelli commented on Giving Thanks ·

Any watch one buys should be worn with pride and joy, whether it's a heavy hitter or not. Watches are never priority and every single one we acquire is a luxury that, ultimately, speaks to how far the wolves are from our doors. So, well done there.

I like your post. It's very grounded.

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Grail Interrupted

Excited to share this. At today’s Manila meetup organized by @hakki501 , @sfreak , and others, I got this early 1980s Cartier Tank. I made a deal with...

First and probably last Casio

This one is a gift from my kid, who just turned 18, not yet out of high school, doesn’t know what she wants to do, full of uncertainty. She wanted to...

Vintage is killing me

In addition to that awesome 1963 Longines Grand Prize I got from my drug deal—vintage person, I also got this Wittnauer from the 1950s. Inside the cas...

I should stop

Hi. My name is Sherwin and I’m an addict. I know I said I should stop buying. I know I said to myself repeatedly, “How many dress watches do you need?...


I’ll just leave this here: