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morganthedruid ·

My new Farer, an amazing looking watch.

This is the Farer Ainsdale quartz split second flyback chronograph. Dating from 2020 this is the first version and not the one currently sold by Farer...
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Notawatchsnob ·

Teddy Baldassarre parody

If You like him as much as we do you'll love this
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buettner ·

Incoming - Going from OF 116519 to full metal 116509

After a little over a year with the 116519, white gold Daytona on oyster flex with silver panda dial, I decided to make the move to the full bracelet...
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surferjohn ·

Closed the loop on the Fake Seiko Saga

With the destroyed fake not detected missing, the replacment slides quietly into its slot. I have to say I'm not impressed with this real one either.
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What’s your most accurate mechanical watch?

Hey everyone! I used to not pay too much attention to the accuracy of my mechanical watches, but after receiving this Hydroconquest with the new Longi...
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timegeek ·

Does this example of Hulk hoarding make you green with envy or rage?

Here's an interesting true story appropriate for #greenfridays #greenwatches #verdeviernes A flipper buys a green #rolexsubmariner for 11 years in a r...

FRIDAY WIND DOWN: This is the worst thing in the watch world ever
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HotWatchChick69 ·

Buy a set of watch straps, help save the world? #8 (A bunch o' different watch straps)

Charity auction for a lot of watch straps! From left to right: 1. 20mm Green Vario single pass leather Nato 2. 20mm Brown @Jericho hand-made chicken f...
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mpower5266 ·

To mod or not to mod.

I decided to wear my trusty gen1 monster today for the first time in a while and I have noticed that its running a little slow. Its not slow enough th...
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Restoration of a Vintage Yema Sous Marine

Hi everyone, In this new episode I try to restore this vintage French diver watch. I love the patina on the hand and dial. I flet in love with the mat...
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