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From Royalty to Your Wrist: The Dazzling Legacy of Diamond Watches

Hey crunchers! Been obsessing over the history of diamond watches lately. Apparently, they weren't always about rappers and flashy displays. Back in t...

What's your conversation starter watch? (Showing off my piรจce unique)

This is my custom, piรจce unique watch. It's the Kienzle alarm super manual wind by R. Schwartz . It boasts more functions than anyone could ever ask f...

Felipe Pikullik Photo Dump

Here is a lil photo dump of my Piece Unique, I hope you enjoy โœŒ โค

2023 GPHG competitors announced!

Some real beauties here. Plenty of micros and indies (some outrageously expensive, of course, but some quite affordable). Worth a few minutes to scrol...

Moser: COOL or just WEIRD?

A buddy rolled through town with this Moser streamliner and let me spent a few days with it. I thought it was a very interesting watch and a different...

Power reserve indicators for nerds

(This is an old article of mine published in 2004 that I thought would be fun to share with those really interested in watchmaking.) Wristwatches and...

[IWOTD] Interesting Watch of the Day #2 - Breguet La Musicale 7800


W&W Show @ Timeworks watch store tonight.

Timeworks, a watch store owned by Ben Bridge Jewelers, has a W&W slide show and watch meet tonight. It was very nicely done. They did a nice prese...