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Mechanical Worldtimer watches, do they even work?

I'm still trying to figure out how worldtimer watches work when different areas of the world have different rules for daylight saving time, or in the...
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W&W Show @ Timeworks watch store tonight.

Timeworks, a watch store owned by Ben Bridge Jewelers, has a W&W slide show and watch meet tonight. It was very nicely done. They did a nice prese...
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Moser: COOL or just WEIRD?

A buddy rolled through town with this Moser streamliner and let me spent a few days with it. I thought it was a very interesting watch and a different...
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Power reserve indicators for nerds

(This is an old article of mine published in 2004 that I thought would be fun to share with those really interested in watchmaking.) Wristwatches and...
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[IWOTD] Interesting Watch of the Day #2 - Breguet La Musicale 7800

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