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Seestern V3 Doxa Homage

Here's a link to the watch as well as a discount code: https://s.click.aliexpress.com/e/_9QmasJ (Discount code 'HWR for $20 off $200 spend)
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OldLineWatches ·

Pagani Design “Tiffany” Oyster Perpetual Homage review and giveaway

The homage watch segment is prone to strong feelings about copping design elements (or entire designs) from luxury brands. I’m not here for that debat...
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Chunghauphoto ·

Hey DJ…

36mm. 43-ish lug to lug. 12mm thick. Sapphire caseback. 50m WR. On a jubilee bracelet with hidden clasp. Under £100. This homage from Parnis is surpri...
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Gasworks ·

Homage - Surprisingly Good?

I've said previously on here that, for various reasons, I'm not a fan of the homage watch. However, I saw a review of this watch on JOMW with Jody and...
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fedoragent ·

Alternatives to Smiths Everest PRS-25 and Timefactors....gone in less than 3 minutes

I tried, in vain again like so many others to try and snag one of the Smiths Everest PRS-25 1016 watches on Timefactors. It is early here in San Franc...
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uhrensohn ·

Parnis - original or not?

Just saw images of this new Parnis. Interesting dial design IMHO. Is this an original design, or did they clone it from somewhere? Surely someone here...
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Scooter ·

The real deal

After buying a tuna homage in the form of the Steeldive 1975, finding that I liked the design more than I thought I would and seeing that it wore well...
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mjosamannen ·

The Tracksuit and Rolex Look 🙈

There is few things more douchey than the Rolex/Tracksuit look. But it makes for a wonderful contrast, just like wearing a sporty watch with a real po...
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Namtheman ·

Let Them Hate

Case came in for a god tier watch gma-s2100 white. Got the case not only for homage purposes but to also make the watch look less feminine. What do yo...
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HonestWatchReviews ·

Hruodland Aquatimer Homage

I still think this is one of the best watches available on AliExpress. Here's the link to the watch and my review. https://s.click.aliexpress.com/e/_A...
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