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jay82420 ·

Thoughts/experience with Baltany watches? (AliExpress brand)

Hi all, Recently I've been bit by the bug when it comes to this Baltany 1926 Rolex oyster homage. As I'm not too familiar with the brand I was wonderi...
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golfping59 ·

Thoughts on Homage Watches?

I'm gradually warming up to homages. I've bought two expensive watches and sold both of them not long after receiving them because I was uncomfortable spending a lot of my hard-earned dough on a watch...
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cornfedksboy ·

Do you own a Beater watch?

Saw this discussion in another thread and thought a poll was in order. What is a beater to you? Do you own one, and if so how do you use it?
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HonestWatchReviews ·

Berny Aqua Terra Homage

One of the two watches reviewed in my Berny Double Review video.
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HoroMichigan ·

Job Interview Today! Do You Think it is Tacky to Wear a Homage to an Interview?

I have a lovely San Martin Datejust homage that I absolutely adore, and it is technically my only ”real” dress watch. Obviously I wouldn’t wear it to...
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JBird7986 ·

NWA! The other other Moonswatch alternative? The Speedmaster Homage by Phylida.

For a long time, I have flirted on and off with the idea of getting a Speedmaster Moonwatch, but I've never been able to get over the hurdle of the fa...
5 73 ·

What are your thoughts on homage watches?

Do you own any? Did it scratch that itch while waiting for your grail? Or are you just not a fan of them at all? Its all subjective, but I’m curious t...
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SteveJacare ·

Adanac homage

Little homage to the Benrus and adanac
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HonestWatchReviews ·

Seestern Snowflake Monster Homage Lume

Here's the link to the watch and my review.
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uhrensohn ·

What is this derived from?

In one of those watch-collection threads I nominated a Skmei as my nicest digital watch, which even for a cheapskate like me is an embarrassing admiss...
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