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Laarvee: True Love Matters?

It's already an oldie, but do we love or hate it? Please show your Laarvee if you got one!


William Wood firefighter travel watch

Hello Watch friends So today my official letter from @williamwoodwatches was emailed through to me, the Bronze Ruby Watch will be shipped out tomorrow...

Watch Podcat

Hi everyone, I'm Ethan, I'm 16 and living in the UK. I'm thinking about starting a podcast about watches, would you be interested in listening to it,...

Blancpain x Swatch

Good thing we have jokes to tell it how it is. 馃槃

Citizen sky hawk


Chunky Yet Charming!

Seiko鈥檚 re-interpreted 1968 Prospex Diver is a chunky yet charming sports watch that鈥檚 (almost) as refined on the outside as it is on the inside. Do y...

Any WOLF Windsor 10 owners ? I have a question.

How much space is needed at the back of the box to open the cover ? I want to purchase this box with the aim of placing it on top of a 3 1/2 ft bookca...

Where are you Crunchin鈥 from today?

I鈥檓 out of town enjoying an anniversary with Mrs. Milsub we had a nice lunch and back to a cabin in the woods for some relaxation in a few different f...

Annoyed People

Does anyone have any family members that they annoy with their watch talk? My wife doesn't care about them so i learned to avoid the conversation but...

Do you have a love / hate relationship with a particular watch in your collection?

BB58 is that watch for me. Some days I just want to sell it because of its vintage feel and other days it so charming.