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It's the year 1976, what watch would you be wearing?

It's 1976, you drive a stylish new powder blue Lincoln Continental Mark IV Givenchy designer edition coupe. It's the year of the "personal luxury car"...
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Honoring your favorite sports team or other interest on a watch?

So what's the consensus from the brain trust of this august assembly of horological oracles. Is it OK to sport (pun intended) watches on your wrist th...
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Vacation Pics: Lake Michigan

A few snaps from our northern vacation last week. Sadly, we came down with COVID just after, so just taking it easy this week. Full link: https://royb...
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Woes of fitness trackers

Is it weird if I wear my fitbit and mechanical watch on the same wrist because I want to track my daily steps/HR etc? Anyone feels torn like me having...
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Every time check is a reminder.. this is mine. What is yours?

Ok, this is going to sound a little shallow, but hear me out. Today I spent time in an expensive hotel. I was taking my daughter to an interview for a...
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