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I can't think of anything more disappointing than ordering a watch online and waiting with anticipation for it to arrive and than finding out it's fak...

Replica watches

Is there a place for one in your collection ? Do you have one or two ? Be interesting to see them 😀

Watch is acceptable? (Genuine v Homage/Replica/Copy/Fake)

What watches are acceptable to wear? Genuine or homage? Replica or fake? Tribute or copy? Film set prop. or setup? Honest or dishonest? We have Watch...

Would This $1000 FAKE Daytona Fool You?

Okay. Who are my "hawk eyes" when it comes to spotting fake watches here? Have you ever been handed a real watch in one hand a a fake on the other and...

Fake Watches Anyone?

Hello Crunchers! So, who on here has bought a fake watch without knowing it was a fake? And what was the outcome of the situation? Have at it in the c...

They said Grade A replicas

In the jewelry district and saw this and asked. They said Grade A. Anyone recognize these lol?

For Patek Philipe Owners!

This video will go in depth as to to how to spot a fake PP. If you are an established AD and or/jeweler, then you know most of this but if not, here y...
FAKE ROLEX (and not a good one) and a cautionary tale, please read. Avoid these guys, I’m on the fence about fakes, it...

Genuine or Fake - The WatchCo Omega Seamaster 300 Chronicles! 🕵️‍♂️

Hey guys, I would like to talk about the captivating saga of the #omega Seamaster 300 assembled by WatchCo. The plot thickens: is it a true-blue genui...