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Top 7 Best Citizen Watches For Men 2024!

Here are some new releases from Citizen! Love 'em? Roast 'em? Have at it in the comments 😎

If I Had The Dough....

This is one of the watches that I would consider buying if I had the money. I have seen all sorts of luxury watches on this site but never the Rolex S...

Let's Talk About The Spinnaker 50 Phantoms, Shall We?

Morning Crunchers! So, here's the deal: I have had this watch on my radar for a while. Obviously, this watch sells like hotcakes and then it is resold...

Phantom Black


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commented on “Friends, tell me I am crazy…” ·

My collection is pretty diverse but then again, I do love my chronographs!😜

commented on What’s the goofiest “tool” you’ve ever used to make a micro adjustment? ·

You know those SIM card eject tools that older smartphones used to come with to eject your SIM card? I have tons of those and that's what I use for micro adjustments.

Try it and let me know how it works for you!😀

commented on If I Had The Dough.... ·

Oops, hit the "Send" button too soon. No, I haven't seen it in person yet. One day I will😜

commented on If I Had The Dough.... ·

Hey, I actually do have an 8 inch wrist so yeah, I can pull it off if I had the money for that beast of a watch😂😂

commented on Let's Talk About The Spinnaker 50 Phantoms, Shall We? ·

Good morning! I sent you a message. Check it out!😎

commented on If I Had The Dough.... ·

I hope that you like the test try! Hope you can get your green dial Skydweller soon!😎

commented on If I Had The Dough.... ·

Really? Oh man! I haven't been to that mall in a while because I would always find it kind of empty but I will go ahead and check it out and report back😎

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46mm Jumbo Diver/Pilot's Automatic Chronograph (CSAR) with Stainless S


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Okay Crunchers. Finish your bagels and lattes (or beer/liquor if you are the type to begin weekends in that manner lol) But seriously, I'm taking you...

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