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Watches in the Philippines

Can anyone in the Philippines suggest the best place to purchase watches. Also there must be some vintage watches still here from WW2. Any thoughts?


I can't think of anything more disappointing than ordering a watch online and waiting with anticipation for it to arrive and than finding out it's fak...

Omega X Swatch

From all the comments it looks like this watch is fake. I really want to know how I can tell its fake. Please teach me. I'm totally done buying watche...

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commented on Calling all Hamilton Khaki Field Automatic owners… ·

Definitely on my wishlist! I hadn't given it any thought about the AR coating. Good point. Regardless, I want a Hamilton!

commented on Watches in the Philippines ·

I'm done buying watches online (Lazada). You can see my last post, the great people on this blog kindly🤣 pointed out that my Swatch Moonwatch was a fake. Thanks for the info though!

commented on Watches in the Philippines ·


commented on Watches in the Philippines ·

Great! Thanks

commented on 2024 SOTC and two other Japanese friends on the way ·

Wow! Impressive

commented on Delivered by DHL today ·

Super cool 😎

commented on New SKX day ·

Congratulations brother!

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Mind blown!

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