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Wall Clocks in the house

Yesterday @SpecKTator posted a picture of a wall clock at his In-Law's house. That got me wondering how many of us, watch hobbyists, have wall clocks...

Effect of precise timekeeping on the society

In this forum, as most other watch enthusiast and collector’s forums we show and discuss different watches, their, complications, their implantations,...

Vintage watches and patina on the dial

As I learn more about collecting vintage watches I see that if you have two similar watches, one with original dial, with patina on it, is valued a lo...

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commented on Choose your poison... Tissot vs Bulova ·

I would choose Lunar Pilot. Just because I like Bulova story better and to me it is classier. Otherwise either one is very good.

commented on As an enthusiast, How does your hobby extend outside of buying watches? ·

I have not been a student for a very long time, but I have to support a student so my finances are very limited also. But accumulating watches has not been my primary goal in the last year and a half that I got into this. I bought 2 watches for me to wear so far. But I'm learning a lot about watches by watching videos, taking on-line watchmaking courses, reading books and articles and participating in discussions about the subject. I also started to build my own watches from parts I get on eBay, Ali Express. I have built watches for myself, some members of my family and even donated a 4 of my builds to charity.

commented on Hey, which side are you on? Part 2 ·

I doubt I will own either one of these because there are more interesting and less expensive watches out there. But, if I had to choose, Nautilus would be my choice. I think it is more understated, classier watch. And I like PP better than I like AP.

commented on Which side are you taking? ·

I'm not into dive watches and Omega is my number one brand. But in this case I would choose Submariner because I just cannot stand that extra valve. If SMP did not have that hideous valve, it would have been my choice.

commented on Building watches & accuracy ·

Did you have to regulate those movements yourself or did they come already regulated. I find that I have to adjust them and then they are pretty good. I build my first one about a year ago, and wear it from time to time. It is still very good after a year.

commented on Saw this and had to share it ·

No, I would not.

commented on In which phase are U? ·

I'll be done when I'm done. And I'm not done yet.

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My first attempt at building GMT watch

This is my first attempt at building a GMT watch using NH34 movement. The dial is still work in progress - need to change the color scheme a bit to ma...

History of Watch Crime in Europe

As was discussed in many posts before, the watch crime is running rampant in Europe, and especially in London. You can see comments from people saying...

Need help explaining.

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Number of hands on an analog watch

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Noblia and Signature Lines

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Another 40+ year old soviet watch

This beauty belongs to my mother-in-law. She has not worn it in over 30 years. Still works, but not well. Beat error is too high, about 10ms, and the...