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Would This $1000 FAKE Daytona Fool You?

Okay. Who are my "hawk eyes" when it comes to spotting fake watches here? Have you ever been handed a real watch in one hand a a fake on the other and...

Fake Watches Anyone?

Hello Crunchers! So, who on here has bought a fake watch without knowing it was a fake? And what was the outcome of the situation? Have at it in the c...

They said Grade A replicas

In the jewelry district and saw this and asked. They said Grade A. Anyone recognize these lol?

Genuine or Fake - The WatchCo Omega Seamaster 300 Chronicles! 🕵️‍♂️

Hey guys, I would like to talk about the captivating saga of the #omega Seamaster 300 assembled by WatchCo. The plot thickens: is it a true-blue genui...

If you spot without doubt a superclone / fake, should we call it out?

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For Patek Philipe Owners!

This video will go in depth as to to how to spot a fake PP. If you are an established AD and or/jeweler, then you know most of this but if not, here y...

Is a Frankenwatch ever okay?

Frankenwatches are an important topic and we have had over 643 unique posts on Watchcrunch discussing this according to google. I recently purchased three refurbished watchs from ebay. They claimed to...
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Got sold a fake MoonSwatch….

Yea, I bought a fake Moonswatch, but I immediately took it apart and man are these things built poorly. I’d seen Videos online where people claim they...

Stopping watch theft

I saw this video on Roman's channel about the Watch Vault where they really break it down. It seems like a positive thing and something that will hind...